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I would like to improve my understanding

what  I am interested  in is how did  Nazi officers  post-WWII re-adjust  as well as  how did  society  deal with these men  post-war.  Was there reconciliation/ retribution ?   How  did  victims  of their abuse re-adjust seeing their aggressors free ?

Did  officers  feel guilt  and remorse ?

If someone can recommend a  good sources/reads   -that'd be great.

There is definitely  striking ressemblence of CAI and NAZI  officers  - there responsibilities/behaviour when in the 'regime' and the situation they find themselves when 'outside/postwar' .

thank you

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Re:refernce : looking for information - History post WWII

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Look up Operation Paperclip - that will give you a good idea of how Nazi officers post-WWII re-adjusted.

And funny enough, it can also be seen as exactly how some ex-CAI officers re-adjusted (and I said some)
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