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probably... but just for the record... here's my nerd boast, please feel free to join in: motherboard: asus pw5 dh deluxe x1300 radeon graffix card two monitors cordless optical mouse with recharging dock 2GB corsair memory (xms i think) pentium d 805 (newest of the last gen 'dual core') 2.6, but overclocks to over 3.2 pretty easily. um, what else... ok, windows vista release candidate 1 and office 2007 beta... well, not final versions, but finally i can rest assured that i have a legal OS and office suite! not about to buy xp NOW. i've got this akasa fan control panel, but i gotta admit, its a loada rubbish. but the flashing coloured lights are nice... on that note, i have a thermaltake xray: a front panel with a car ciggie lighter and ashtray (or drink holder - you decide). i guess im most proud of my motherboard and my OS's. anyone else going from one 'no-life' to another 'non-life'?
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Re:making this board the most respected computer enthusiast site on the net: mission impossible?

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Reply to : avenger dude

probably... but just for the record... here's my nerd boast, please feel free to join in:

Pfftt... I have an Asus motherboard too.. yay! But it's 6 years old... woe!

I have 128mb of memory and a 32mb video card with a whopping 25gb of HD. Say hey? I did buy an external 120 gb HD but it fills up fast. I'm running Windows 2000 on it because it's stable as a rock. The hackers don't target it. I don't use virus guards or any of that crap.

I bought a Compaq laptop last year. It was new then and has a dvd burner, but it feels old and blah already.

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