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Date Posted:14/06/2016 3:58 PMCopy HTML

Something what I just found when browsing Not sure what it really means but it is sure interesting to read.

In 2006, a series of events brought to light that sin had occurred in the life of our senior pastor Scott over a number of years. God-given commandments had been disregarded and following a number of allegations of abuse, he was charged by the Australian authorities.

This came as a shock to the church as such behaviour was never condoned and in fact was openly preached against. Whilst the actions of one individual cannot be taken to represent the church as a whole, the church, which has been under new leadership for several years, wishes to express regret at any actions of Mr Williams that were inappropriate or have caused harm of any kind to members of the church. We are truly sorry for this and it is our desire to reconcile with those who were affected, wherever possible.

In cooperation with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) measures have been put into place to avoid such occurrences in the future.  A high standard of personal conduct is required of all Christians and the Assembly continues to hold its members to the standard shown by scripture and the law.

This is written from who?

Protect him while he is alive becasue he gives us jobs then write this once he is dead.

Whats this new leadership bit? Has big michael k bombed out also? 

So whoever write this is then saying "we would never do something like this and all the old time members are screwed"

Hypocrasy never changes, it only changes hands.
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Re:backstabbers galore

Date Posted:29/06/2016 4:34 AMCopy HTML

 I know some members who didn't seem to get this current update on the website. I haven't asked them recently if Scott was still the anointed one who was felled by the lies of his victims.

Maybe they've changed their tune. Though finally acknowledging the abuse after it's been very clear what has been happening seems like just a pathetic bit of pr, and not a real apology.

CAI is just rotten to it's core.
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