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As a revivalist I used to relish 'socking' it to the Jehovah Witnesses who would come to my door. I loved pwning them with my amazing bible knowledge and thought I was zinging their 'silly' doctrines. Looking back at it now, my doctrines were just as silly, and perhaps even sillier in some cases. At least the JWs didn't speak Double Dutch to appease their god; they just had to address him by his 'Christian' name.

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Re:(Animated) Revival Wally meets Jehovah W: Cults collide!

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Meta: Before I head off... I must say after seeing your Rev vs Jw animation, I feel you may be closer to the knuckle than you realize.. The theological position of bothe the RC and JW are almost in many appearances identical, except one pushes glossolalia as the basis for salvation whereas the other doesn't. However both deny the Trinity and both deny among many things, the Divinity of the Son. But really they are very much alike, even in governance of the body. Both proselytize 'their' message and yep they are both so alike in so many ways. That animation was well done..
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