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Hello All,

Here are some things I always knew to be true( but sometimes never admitted):

No matter what, Jesus will never leave me or forsake me.

Revival folk were not the 'only' Christians.

It is wrong to shun ex-communicated folk.

Drinking in moderation is ok.

Abstaining from drink is ok.

Old 1970's choruses are embarrassing.

Stammering repetitive tongues are easily copied.

It is hard not to laugh sometimes when everyone is preying in tongues all at once.

Most people got mighty close to sex before marriage, but only tell their close friends in the church, because they did too.

Politics in the church, especially on the house leader level made for unhappy attendees.

If you didn't take notes on the talk, you wouldn't remember it by the time you drove home.

People who snored during the talk often got more out of it.

Making up alternative lines to the choruses is very funny, especially when you test it out during sing sing, and everyone else laughs too.

Some people should never have got married.

The person who does not get put out is 100% justified.

The person who gets put out is 100% the root cause of all evil.

There is something wierd about senior pastors and money.

There are no trained counsellors in any Revival group.

Only people with University degrees should be listened to, except for revival things.

Any person that has formal qualifications in theology or ministry cannot be trusted and instantly become fools in Christ, according to RC's.  Even if they can speak in tongues.

The more money you earned and the better job or business that you had in RC's, the more respectable person you are.

Poor people make poor houseleaders.

The more RCI badges you wore on your suit jacket, the better.

Depending on who you were related to in the RC, you could go straight into the Sunday band, but if you were a ring in you had to audition to play simple choruses.

If you are related to a house leader or any other oversight, you were expected to be offered a position somewhere.

I could go on an on, but then there would be nothing for you guys to add.

Any additions or comments?
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Re:What we always knew to be true...

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Hi Mr K.,

It's funny to look back on some of the oddities of RCI/RF.  Especially funny are some of the ones I remember from early RCI days. Here are a few things that come to mind which I always knew to be just plain rubbish. 

That all have to share the pastors' strong aversion to stained glass windows and back-to-front collars 

That a cross on a chain worn around the neck is an idol.

That all must obey the oversight even if he's wrong - and you'll get the blessing.

That those who disagree with church teaching "sadly have no vision"

When couples are keeping company or companionship they must keep a 30cm ruler distance apart.

To leave Revival is to "leave the Lord"

To attend Grandma's 80th birthday on a meeting day is putting Grandma before the Lord.

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Re:What we always knew to be true...

Date Posted:25/08/2008 12:48 AMCopy HTML

All too true Mr.K.

 The person who does not get put out is 100% justified.

The person who gets put out is 100% the root cause of all evil.

There is something wierd about senior pastors and money.

Although hilarious to read, the truth of the pain and hurt they have and continue to inflict on people and their lives, all  in the name of God, continues to frustrate and annoy the hell out of me!
Especially these 3 written above.

Any one who leaves is "given to a reprobate mind"

Missing every family function is such a convicting testimony.

Whacking my child because they moved of the mat or made a noise during the meeting was a good testimony, my children had to be the example due to the position of over sight held. 

Being dogmatic is defending Christ

Accepting the Unacceptable to the world's standards be it-  social behavior, abuse and basic dick heads is Christ like. 

Being at every meeting is proof of commitment and spirituality

Looking down your nose at some one or shunning them for not getting over an illness will help them to press into the Lord for a healing.

To have an emotional problem like depression is just Spiritual weakness

If some one has a problem they musn't be praying in the spirit enough.

If there's a problem or you know something is wrong, God will sort it out- just pray about it

Question the contents of a talk and you are a contentious meddler with no vision or understanding.

Obey the Over sight as they care for your soul, and that your soul feeds their egotistical, psychopathic desires and pays tithes to keep the Longfeilds in the life style to which your tithes have made them accustom!

The subtlety of how we all got dumb and blind astounds me at times I cant believe I allowed it to happen and I justifiably cast those views on others.

Me? I don't have a chip on my shoulder do I? -probably just a reprobate mind.

The person who gets put out (freed) has a 100% chance of regaining some sanity and control in their lives.

As I hear it, I'll repeat it, Its up to you if you believe it! Allegation big and small, soon revealed before us all. outa here- Outa Egypt!
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