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What is the weirdest Revivalism?

Which doctrines and beliefs are the weirdest? Which ones make your eyes roll the most? Take the poll below! Vote for more than one option if you like.

  • Pyramidology
  • Compulsory tongues
  • Bible numerics
  • British Israelism
  • End times prophesy
  • 'Keeping company' rules and regulations
  • Thou shalt 'shun'
  • Oversight and pastor worship
  • Ban on beer, wine and spirits
  • Christmas and Easter
  • Expected meeting attendance
  • Disdain for mainstream and orthodox churches
  • Tithing ten percent of gross wage before the 'offering'
  • Ex-communication of defaulters
  • Confusion about the Trinity
  • Separation policy
  • No female preaching!
  • disapproval of divorce
  • Homosexual hate
  • No gambling allowed!

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