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What is a Revival Church?

Typically, the Revival churches mentioned on this forum include all branches of the Revival 'family tree', although the various churches of the 'tree' do not recognise or talk to each other. They include 'The Revival Fellowship, The Revival Centres International, the Geelong Revival Centre, The Christian Assemblies International, and the many offshoots that carry the 'Revival' doctrine on with them.

In the 1940s ex-AOG pastors led by Leo C. Harris, were convinced of the British 'Israel theory' and formed the National Revival Crusade. They believed modern nations of British decent should realise their 'Israelite identity'. They also believed that the belief in Jesus, alongside with the 'Holy Spirit' experience of 'speaking in tongues' (ecstatic speech - glossolalia) was essential to be 'Christian' and a member of 'the' church. Baptism by full immersion into water was also mandatory.

Noel Hollins and Lloyd Longfield (neither trained in theology or ministry) rose through the ranks as the church evolved into the 'Revival Centres of Australia'. They believe themselves to be the only 'true' church and all others are 'apostate'.

Being a Revivalist

In the main, Revival Churches share the following beliefs with slight variations between them:

Salvation rules

- All members must exercise free vocalisation (speaking in tongues), a new 'language' of random morphemes that only God understands.
- All members must read a creed of beliefs before being fully immersed into a 'baptismal tank'.
- Revivalists believe that once someone is saved, they are always saved, but if Jesus returns and finds them 'slacking', they might not 'make it'.

Assembly rules and doctrines

- Members must only marry other church members
- Members are not allowed to read the material of other churches
- Members discovered to have had sex outside of marriage are ex-communicated, or banned for six months, or made to marry.
- Divorce is unacceptable under any condition
- Women are not allowed to deliver talks (sermons)
- Members are not allowed to drink alcohol of any sort.
- 10%, at least, of members' incomes are encouraged to be donated weekly.
- Members can be excommunicated for varying amounts of time for breaking various rules.
- The shunning of ex-members is encouraged.
- Easter and Christmas are not to be celebrated with any religious connection.

Revival Centre meetings

- Generally meetings are held Wednesday and twice Sunday, house-meetings on Friday, and all are compulsory.
- Meetings start with a half hour of religious choruses (short ditties) finishing with a hymn. Then there are 2 or 3 testimonies, and a 45 minute talk.
- The second half of the meeting contains the
eating and drinking of the 'communal' body and blood of Christ, after another 'talk'.
- Youth group on Saturday nights - compulsory.
- Regular 'fasting' - Members go without eating for up to 3 days culminating with a 5 hour meeting of sermons and tongue speaking sessions.

Other Revival beliefs

- British Israelism - Europeans are believed to be descendants of the 'lost ten tribes of Israel'.
- Bible Numerics - the mathematics of bible words to prove their doctrine and the bible.
- The very 'soon' destruction of the earth when Jesus returns to set up his new kingdom.
- The Great Pyramid is a prophetic device foretelling the soon return of Jesus.

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RCI prophesies
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