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Date Posted:18/05/2012 9:18 PMCopy HTML

There use to be a wealth of information in this thread, history, what happened to all the articles??????  It would be a shame for all that history to be lost again, people need to know this stuff, please bring the articles back!!!
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Re:What happened to all the articles?

Date Posted:19/05/2012 3:31 AMCopy HTML

Which articles do you mean? I have been told by Aimoo that we could lose threads if we don't pay for the bonus features, but I haven't noticed which rooms are inaccessible. 
Unfortunately, this forum has run out of money to keep the older articles visible. Without donations, we are unable to get rid of the advertising or have older threads visible. 

I would pay, but I'm not as able to be as spendthrift as I was.
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