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Kia Ora people,

Greetings from NZ.

I am wondering where all the ex NZ RCi members are? Rather than bitch about the pain after coming out of the RCI system-and there was plenty of it- I'd rather focus on the positives. There is life after RCI....I should know, I have lived it.

I was a house group leader/band member in Hawke's Bay for 7 years...totally committed to Jesus. Little did I know that the subtle RCI "leaven" was being worked into the freedom message of the gospel. I was short changed by the oversight, but hey...thats ok. I am a stronger person now than what I was back then.

At the end of the day, I could sit here and assassinate the character of the oversight in RCI...but I wont. I will choose to do what Jesus taught me to do and that is pray for them so that revelation will come to these men who spiritually abuse the people who come with vulnerability to the foot of Jesus. Jesus is the only one who can bring can try and be counseled out of it all, prayed over...but in the can only be loved out of spiritual abuse.

Thank goodness, I have a supportive wife and good friends. Being a Pastor is not a title of is a functionality...WE ARE TO SERVE ONE ANOTHER!!! NOT STAND OVER ONE ANOTHER!!!!!! The minute one stands over another or DEMANDS NO longer operate in the new testament gospel

We look vertically to GOD.....We look horizontally to one another! Don't let bitterness rob you of the love that Jesus has put in your heart from when you first believed. If you do-Satan has won your heart to bitterness...I know its hard-I have walked the same path as you. I lost my wife, my children, my business and destroyed countless relationships because I kept people out from my life. I WAS HURTING AND IN TURN I HURT OTHERS!

Jesus brings love, liberty and freedom...Let his light shine in the dark places where anger and bitterness can reign...IF YOU LET THEM! Do I feel angry about RCI? Sometimes I do...I am getting better with what I feel in terms of hatred and rage that sometimes swamps me.

I choose not to blame now. I take full responsibility for ALLOWING others play GOD instead of ME looking to God for my answers.If you wish to contact me for a chat or even some assistance in helping you move on then drop me a

We must move on...don't be the "walking dead" I realised one day that at the end of it all, I was still responsible for my own walk, and that I longed to be loved & affirmed by Jesus. Ultimately-I was still accountable to the Holy Spirit in me whether I was having a shit day or not! Always remember this one truth... Jesus delights over you.. he sings over you with joy.. he has much more in store for you if you be but willing to open up to HIM-not a system.I am happy to help you see that you were spiritually abused & be free of the shackles of spiritual abuse. It takes time, patience and a determination to get bigger than your personal history at RCI.

Kind wishes............David Aupapa, Hastings, NZ.
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Re:We must move on from spiritual abuse!

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Hey Coconutwilly, "whatsupbro", I was in NZ for awhile now in oz, I remember your name did you play with T*&^&  GL^$^*ing etc. well done for moving on out of all the rci in NZ that particular one was that hardest to leave let alone move to another RCI/RCF, standing joke is that you need a passport to go to another place to live/work/fellowship. 

There are a few people I know that you may remember that I can pass you onto that have left and are going well private mail me via this forum and I will let you know

God Bless



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