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On 3 June, 1998 at 11AM on Triple J, there was a long discussion and even some talk-back callers. Troy Waller was interviewed about his deconversion from the Revival Centres International cult. He describes the workings of the organisation and how to best help those who are stuck in its control or are trying to leave or have left.

Triple J opened the lines to hear from people who had a history with the organisation or were still involved with it. One particular caller describes how it felt to be a gay man trying to deal with the oppression of Revival homophobia.

The following media is part one of four parts:

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Re:Triple J Radio interview Troy: RCI cult (part 1)

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As some of the threads have been locked I'll post here in the Post Revivalist space.

So this is it.  You're leaving to take up other things.  I just want to make a comment on the interview which recently appeared here, so hope you're still around.

Last weekend I listened again to your June 1998 interview on Triple J.  I was pleased to see it here.  It is as relevant now as it was then in exposing the RCI doctrine and the control system in place in that church.  A denunciation at a time when few spoke out and most hardly dared to even think contrary to the authority of RCI pastors.   What you so earnestly had to say I kept with me as a consoling thought that I wasn't alone in how I was feeling about RCI.  The memory of that interview was certainly a help for me aiding me in my eventual excape from Revivalism.

Allow me to say "God Bless you" in your search. 


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