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Date Posted:17/02/2011 2:30 AMCopy HTML

You tried to ruin my life, but you utterly failed. You called me a 'Jezebel' but that was just a lie.Then you thought that the heinous act you committed against me was justified because you had decided I was a 'Jezebel', but that was another lie.But in reality you were both cowards. Only cowards need a woman to be unconscious, because without that, she really wouldn't have, would she?You are both much older now. Not quite middle-aged, but getting there.I suppose you'll be married.But do you love your wives? Are you capable of love?What you did to me will never leave you.Although I have been redeemed by Christ and his love, what you did to me will be with you forever.Haunting you.I've now achieved many things in my life because of Christ's redemption and intervention. Academically, musically. Things you will never taste the delight of.And only cowards target a young vulnerable boy in the street to recruit him for your group. How sick you both were and probably still are.I feel sorry for your wives and any children you have.I hope they never see the depraved side of your character that you showed to me because you believed I was a 'Jezebel'.But I never was, and I'm not now. And only cowards would target a family without a father figure to protect them.Unbelieveable cowards. You have not won.I will have justice.And I will look you both in the eyes one day and feel what I feel now - sorry for you both.I will carry the sorrow that you never could feel.I will bear the burden, as Christ bore His for this World.Yet, I have been redeemed by His Hands and Work.And know this - you tried to defile the body, but you could not defile the soul.The soul rises to places the earthly man cannot even conceive of when it is subject to such cruelty.And whilst he carries on with his fleshly practice, the soul of the other is beyond his reach.You have not won.I am powerful of Spirit and rich in strength. I am loved of God and beloved. I have good people in my life and I know that God will work in the lives of my family - the family you tried to destroy with your cultic lies and vile practices.But you have lost.And what you did will never leave you. It will always be there, haunting you.But I have been redeemed.
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