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Date Posted:16/01/2008 10:19 PMCopy HTML

To all Revivalist pastors,

I've sometimes been accused of being overly wordy, abstract and/or obtuse in my postings, so I thought I would keep this one brief and simple [EMOTE]smiley-sealed.gif[/EMOTE]

If I am correct in what assert, that is that the the RCI, the RF, the GRC and the CAI all preach a false gospel, then this fact would make each and every one of you false teachers according to the biblical definition. And if you are false teachers then it follows that you have absolutely no authority or business to be leading churches, and to be imposing your opinions upon others.

Finally, to those of you who actually acknowledge that what you're supporting is unbiblical a warning: it is one thing to be misled, it is altogether another to knowingly mislead.

I suppose I'm mindful of the ramifications of James 3:1. 


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