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Alright, I'm over it. This whole revival stuff has been going on far to long. David Erwin had a crack (Im a fan) but he didnt have enough support. Why? because people backed out, people were afraid. Years later more people are leaving, more people are aware that noel is actually just a nutcase. The whole place is falling apart, it's begining to crumble. I want to give it a good kick. In a smart, legal, offical kind of way. There are laws against brainwashing, ripping apart people's character without them able to defending themselves. People its time for some proof, documented evidence- talks, books written by our lovely Noddy Noel. No one hardly writes on this site anymore, but alot of people are looking, watching and waiting. Now if you don't believe in god that's your choice, but I do. I believe he gave me the holy spirit to discern wrong from right, and when i think of noel i think of WRONG! I think false prophet. God gave me a brain to think and a body to act. Maybe im acting wrong, and maybe I'm not. But this man, has destoryed my life, and still has people i love under his control. I don't want that any longer. It's time to act.

'Together we stand united, Seperate we are doomed to fall'
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Re:Time to act!

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 You are right and I am glad that more people are becoming enlightened as to how destructive NHH is, but he still has his talons wrapped around the flesh of many a poor victim in the GRC causing families to fracture in the most awful ways.
It is also wonderful to hear that the whole place is falling apart and beginning to crumble.
Fear seems to still work in his favor and keep some people in check.
It is hard to make a case against one so slippery-nothing seems to stick. You are welcome to whatever I have to use .
When we first leave, the wounds are raw and pursuing NHH helps to dull the pain but after awhile and because no-one else seems to be as fired up as we are, we move on.
NHH deserves to be punished for his wickedness, for his heresy and his controlling, manipulative nature which has caused so much misery over the years. For his lies, hypocrisy and the contemptuous regard that he has towards his flock.
I don't think that any punishment will be meted out to him in this lifetime, but I do believe that he will be judged according to his works in the next.
If you want the meager things that I have, then send me a PM and I will post them to you.
If you can reach your goal without it consuming you and robbing you of the joy that you so richly deserve then good luck to you for your quest.
Don't tilt at too many windmills though, there is a life out there to be lived!
My very best regards,
"Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out."
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Re:Time to act!

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 Thanks for the support glad and from others that have PM me. In noway will I let this destory my life again, when I am already re buidling well. I do not want to do this out of spite, but more for those people that are being blindly lead. Unfortunatly there is many people who believe his way is the only way, as an apostle. If I can make one other person see gods word and not noels word, then this will be worth it. I'm interested in the facts. Vegance is the lords not mine. But if there is info I'm happy to use it. :)
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Re:Time to act!

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Hi Boychaser,

You go do that.. I am sure you will find more than enough support on this forum. GOOD LUCK... Just don't expect too much. Remember they feed off hatred and mis-doings..

If I can help PM me...

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