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Infamous quotes from Revival Centres International head pastor, Lloyd Longfield

I don't believe that Jesus was god. When Jesus said that I and the
father are one, one in mind, one in concept, one in principal in the
standing of the word, and so on and so on. Jesus was the son of god, that's all."

"The word (was god) not Jesus, he was born in Bethlehem. You don't have to
believe in the pre-existence of Jesus, you see. He was pre-existant as
the word. The bible says so, in the beginning was the word and the word
was god and the word was with god and the word became flesh and blood
amongst men and we beheld his glory... I don't make an issue of this,
but for those that do, I say not necessarily so."

.. do we worry about it? We do NOT!
The little Shirley Temple next door, the little girl playing next door to
you, nice darling little girl with her Barbie doll...

she's not born again. The 'god of love' says to little Shirley Temple,
next door, "Unless you are born again, dear little girly,
with your curls, you won't inherit my kingdom."
That's true isn't it? Is it? That's right. Do we mind? No.

RCI prophesies
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