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Date Posted:18/03/2006 8:51 AMCopy HTML

$%*'`[anon]%*'`@NEWSFLASH !!The CAI have updated their Website.. with lots of new teachingsegGames and Toys"Monopoly", "Snakes and Ladders", "Checkers", ("Draughts" in the UK) and "Chess" are classic examples of games which promote positive interaction.Other games such as "Dungeons and Dragons" (D&D), and "Magic: The Gathering" are evil and cause harm to the souls of our children. In D&D players build up make-believe characters and become deeply involved in the fantasy world of the game. Some teenagers have identified themselves so strongly with their characters that when their characters died they have then committed suicide.What D&D was in the 1980's, Magic: The Gathering was for the 1990's. It is a role playing game similar to D&D, and has built a cult following among people of all ages across the country. One of the magic cards used in this game is "Soul exchange" and pictures spirits rising from graves. Like all the other cards in this ghastly game, it offers a morbid instruction: "Sacrifice a white creature."Pokemon, Star Wars, Furby, Teletubbies and Beast Wars are toys which have been developed from children's programmes and movies. Some of these toys may encourage violent behaviour. Children may become obsessive over them. They may want to spend money on them to collect all the characters, which can lead to greedy and addictive behaviour.Pokemon is a cartoon and game that has become very popular among children and is sold by Wizards of the Coast, the same company which sells D&D.Similar to D&D, Pokemon is a role playing game, but designed for younger children. The object of the game is for the child to become a master by gaining power through confrontations between the various monsters. The players must catch as many Pokemons as possible if they want to be Pokemon masters. The more they catch and train, the more power they will have for future battles. Since the Pokemons are spirits, they have abilities to do such things as induce headaches, read minds, and suck out souls. Energy cards are used to strengthen one's own monster or weaken the opponent. Psychic energy, for example, enables the player to evict sickness, pain or confusion induced by a Pokemon.Some of the commands used are: "Select your desired attack. Hold down the button until your opponent's life stops draining." "Once you have captured Zapados, you can use it to quickly lower the health level of Articuno."Shops which sell D&D often sell other occult material such as tarot cards, ouija boards, and games involving the same. All occult practices are evil, opening spiritual doors to demonic influence, and should be strictly forbidden and avoided. This includes "harmless" fortune telling such as reading tea leaves, palmistry, astrology and horoscopes, and magic of any kind. Children often become innocently involved in these things, experimenting and playing games with friends.The ouija board, in particular, is a powerfully dangerous satanic weapon which tends to fascinate older children and teenagers. Children have to be taught and assured that standing up against occult practices is not weak, fearful, or "chicken", but is strong, wise, and obedient to God who forbids witchcraft in any form (see1. Samuel 15:22-23; Deuteronomy 18:10-12).Children should also be taught that if they are ever afraid they should simply call to Jesus in prayer, asking Him to shield and protect them. Teach them also to bind and rebuke whatever frightens them, commanding it to go away in the Name of Jesus Christ.Be aware of what your child is playing with. Gain advice and do not hesitate to throw away games or toys you do not agree with. Use these opportunities to teach children God's ways. (sarcasm)
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