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Date Posted:18/12/2008 4:36 AMCopy HTML

I was just wondering if anyone remembers actually singing Hymn number 54 in the RED Redemption Hymnal (for the oldies), which became Hymn number 23 in the BLUE Assembly Hymn Book? If you don't have your Assembly Hymnal on hand this hymn is none other than the famous Christmas Carol "JOY TO THE WORLD"  ... hang on isn't GRC against Christmas???

I also can't remember ever singing 135 in the RED Redemption Hymnal / 79 in the BLUE Assembly Hymn Book - "HARK THE HERALD ANGEL SING"  ... mmmm ...  Just one more - 130 in the RED Redemption Hymnal / 80 in the BLUE Assembly Hymn Book - "OH, COME ALL YE FAITHFUL" ... but when I was in the GRC I was taught to hate Christmas carols and never to join in singing them???

But I do remember singing every year at the Christmas" camp 768 in the BLUE Assembly Hymn Book / this one wasn't in the RED Redemptiona Hymnal (but we sang it anyway) "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN" ... whats wrong with this picture???


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Re:The Assembly Hymnal

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               Your right and it must be very confusing to anyone new to the Cult let alone to the current followers  who  simply   ' just-get-over-it '  and follow as they are told to. There is logic to it thought and that is  ....  keep them in that 'Grey Area ' of confusion and say ......    " it's the way the Lord's people do things".  It is the way all religions 'do it '.
              Meanwhile,  we normal people get to enjoy this time of the year without prejudice, back-biting or looking over our shoulder. We have the good fortune to actually enjoy a 'Xmas Holiday' period for what-ever purpose we may desire, a time to enjoy Family spirit of giving and receiving. If I wish to praise it to God  .. I will, and if to the Queen .... I will, but more than likely, I will share it with the ones I love and by MY choice ,

    Seasons Greetings to all

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