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It has at times occurred to me just how similar some multi-level-marketing companies are to fundamentalist type religions... There is often a strong belief system in the superiority of the product or whatever being peddled. There are organised recruiting activities, incentives and a strong peer pressure to recruit. There are often regular house meetings or functions where the members go for indoctrination sessions. People address the meetings to give glowing 'testimonies' how wonderful and rich life is within the regime of the network. A 'family' type atmosphere is promoted, and feigned friendships often are made to encourage new recruits into the ranks. These friendships may suddenly dissolve if the recruit stops working the system or using the products. There are glitzy magazines or newsletters full of propaganda and more testimonials. A squeaky clean model is typical in these testimonials, always just too perfect for words! The average entrant to these organisations always has the carrot dangled before their eyes, of success and riches and health or whatever. They keep hearing about it from those around them. They may not enjoy the same successes, but keep investing in the group, hoping and expecting that they will get there one day. If they don't enjoy the same successes, it's always because they aren't doing enough. Sound familiar?......... I use some nutritionals from a Utah based network marketing company. Great products. Cost the earth, but I think they are worth having. They can keep the whole MLM deal though. I just don't need the feeling of trying to recruit people into some THING that is the ONLY way. the Dog.
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