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I think it's time to thank the Lord for all he has given us and answered our prayers.Thank you Lord for all the water that you have generously poured upon AustraliaThank you Lord for we were in dire need for water as you gave us an abundance of sun shine over the years Thank you Lord for your great winds that cleaning the beach front area of home and the dust from the streets and the needless sugar that just goes to a growing population.Thank you Lord for we were in great need of this clearing as this was a blight upon the eyes of the native people so thank you for answering their payers. Thank you Lord for send upon us a great flood that the streets of Dalby, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Melbourne and many other towns and cities in this great god blessed country. And thank you Lord for you wonderful fire that clear the bushes and trees that allowed the birds to rudely wake me in the mornings. And we would like to thank you or mighty god for all the sun that you now bring upon Sydney to dry up all this wonderful rain that you graciously gave us. And now we pray god that you stop answering our prayers for a while whist we clean up your bounty.......................................................OHCANADAMOVIE.COM
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