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Date Posted:27/08/2008 3:02 AMCopy HTML

Laugh. You just have to laugh.

I’ve just read the REVIVALIST HYPNOTHERAPIST thread. It’s best summed up by a dying Doc Holliday in TOMBSTONE. “My hypocrisy” he said, “knows no bounds” I have no opinion on the two hypnotherapists, it’s not my place to comment, but old Doc Holliday sums up the RF leadership mentality very nicely I feel.

Or don’t you agree?

Were you ever tapped on the shoulder whilst in RF by a man masquerading as a biblical leader and told that in your day to day employment you were “unequally yoked”? Or maybe it was hinted that you were “rubbing shoulders with the world”?

You just have to laugh.

Anybody read GOD DRIVEN CHURCH? Holy Moly!! Very very embarrassing, and of course, no constructive use to anybody outside of the cult. I enjoyed reading all about BITTERCISM which is an invented term, used to describe critical people in the midst of RF, who in time become bitter (or maybe it is the other way around). The general public must have been enthralled by this stage, furiously nodding their assent, and breathlessly excited by the gripping read.

“Father Time caught up with me” said an over the hill Muhammad Ali in 1981. And it’s true, the old bum with the scythe in his hand can do strange things to your body (unless of course you are a tort wall of iron like me). But he can make you wise as well. There is so much growth to experience, and so much to learn once out of the steel jaws of control freaks.

If you attend the RF, have you noticed how insular your community is? Of course you have. Your community is also shrinking. Last days falling away? Or has time been called on shocking control and hypocrisy?

Do you really believe RF is the “one true church”? Oh you don’t? Then don’t behave as if you do.

Did you know that all your friends and everything you have known for years will disappear should you ever leave? Doesn’t the fact that you know this to be true tell you that something strange and maybe even sinister underpins the whole thing?

Or don’t you agree?

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Re:Reflections and Father Time

Date Posted:24/10/2008 1:56 PMCopy HTML

Hmm I remember hearing a lot about this infamous Caesar's place.  Never went myself but I heard it was somehow impossible to finish the whole thing there.  Was it in Surbiton or Kingston or somewhere Surrey-Londonish??   I went to the Dorking tower which was simple enough.

Hmmm I'm getting lots of memories of the various nicknames some were called (to their chagrin often).  I'm also getting some memories of various pranks involving guided tours to see the famous bacon buttie mines and other such tomfoolery... and something about windfarms being the cause of wind???
And here I sit so patiently waiting to find out what price / I have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice
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