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Duplicate Post.
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Re:Recommended reading: Opposing Richard Dawkins

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Hi, all.

I'd recommend the following two works by Dr Alister McGrath (holder of earned doctorates in both the physical sciences [molecular biophysics] and in theology):

1. Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes and the Meaning of Life, Blackwell, 2004. A very balanced and respectful critique of Dawkins' athiestic views, but one which tellingly undermines much of Dawkins' rhetoric via ample demonstration of its philosophical flaws. This one will cost you about $30.00.

2. The Dawkins Delusion, SPCK, 2007. A trenchant critique of Richaed Dawkins' book, The God Delusion. You can pick this one up from Koorong for about $25.00.

For intelligent readers who are both capable (and willing) to have their views confronted on a range of issues


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Re:Recommended reading: Opposing Richard Dawkins

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I recently read an excellent book for those considering leaving or have left RF/RCI or any cult but are still looking to God.  It is titled 'The Windshield is Bigger than the Rearview Mirror" by Jeff Wickwire and is available at Koorong or Word bookstore. It talks about the chains that Satan uses to bind us to the past and how, by letting go of these, we can move forward in our lives in a positive way.  Instead of looking back (the rearview mirror approach) we learn to look forward (the windscreen) to God's promises for our future.

I found it particularly good (after leaving RF a few months ago) as it challenged me to examine the way I think regarding my 'old'  teachings/thoughts etc.  It is written clearly and refers often to scriptures so it is not for everyone.  The chapter on bitterness/forgiveness is particularly good as it is quite common to feel bitter or unforgiving when we have come out of an abusive situation. Being able to 'let go' of that feeling releases us to move forward & it gives some practical ways on how to do this.


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Re:Recommended reading: Opposing Richard Dawkins

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just to present the  other side   - here;s some information on Dawkin's  book  "The God Delusion"....   just incase you all get carried away with too many anti-Dawkims/pro-God books





From Publishers Weekly
The antireligion wars started by Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris will heat up even more with this salvo from celebrated Oxford biologist Dawkins. For a scientist who criticizes religion for its intolerance, Dawkins has written a surprisingly intolerant book, full of scorn for religion and those who believe. But Dawkins, who gave us the selfish gene, anticipates this criticism. He says it's the scientist and humanist in him that makes him hostile to religions?fundamentalist Christianity and Islam come in for the most opprobrium?that close people's minds to scientific truth, oppress women and abuse children psychologically with the notion of eternal damnation. While Dawkins can be witty, even confirmed atheists who agree with his advocacy of science and vigorous rationalism may have trouble stomaching some of the rhetoric: the biblical Yahweh is "psychotic," Aquinas's proofs of God's existence are "fatuous" and religion generally is "nonsense." The most effective chapters are those in which Dawkins calms down, for instance, drawing on evolution to disprove the ideas behind intelligent design. In other chapters, he attempts to construct a scientific scaffolding for atheism, such as using evolution again to rebut the notion that without God there can be no morality. He insists that religion is a divisive and oppressive force, but he is less convincing in arguing that the world would be better and more peaceful without it. (Oct. 18)
Copyright ?Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

From Scientific American
Richard Dawkins, in The God Delusion, tells of his exasperation with colleagues who try to play both sides of the street: looking to science for justification of their religious convictions while evading the most difficult implications?the existence of a prime mover sophisticated enough to create and run the universe, "to say nothing of mind reading millions of humans simultaneously." Such an entity, he argues, would have to be extremely complex, raising the question of how it came into existence, how it communicates ?through spiritons!?and where it resides. Dawkins is frequently dismissed as a bully, but he is only putting theological doctrines to the same kind of scrutiny that any scientific theory must withstand. No one who has witnessed the merciless dissection of a new paper in physics would describe the atmosphere as overly polite.

George Johnson is author of Fire in the Mind: Science, Faith, and the Search for Order and six other books. He resides on the Web at

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