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I was reminiscing about the old days at a rev meeting about the using of the "spiritual gifts", in particularly the interpretation and prophesy. My memory is fading from all those years ago but one thing I do remember is the constant and often obligatory statement "Thus saith the Lord" and then out spat the prophecy.. But without being overly condemning of the revs, and without the use of a good exhaustive Hebrew concordance, the occurrence of the Elizabethan statement "thus saith the Lord" only occurs in the Old Testament. When a "thus saith the Lord" was given in the old Testament, it was given as seal of authority signifying that the prophet was personally authorized and commanded by Yahweh to speak on Yahweh's behalf. And so far in my mini research, I have only uncovered that each time a "thus saith the Lord" was issued, Yahweh was issuing A judgement. But I do lack a good Hebrew concordance to check out every occurrence of course to ground my thoughts better.

The Hebrew states " כֹּה אָמר אֲדֹנָי יְהוִֹה " - "THUS SPEAKS ADONAI YAHWEH" (BHL) .. I wonder then if the revs really have any idea of what they are doing?? when they issue a vocal public statement with a grandiose entry like that ??   I really think what the revs may be doing is not only very stupid but could also be very dangerous. Perhaps I am wrong but I don't ever recall hearing a "thus saith the Lord" at any other charismatic, pentecostal gatherings such as AOG that I have ever been in a attendance. I only, in my recollections, have heard a "thus says the lord" spoken vocally out loud at rev meetings.. 

Something to think about and mull over and could I call this an acceptable practice in Biblical Christianity ?? Well so far in my mini - research, my answer can only be "no" !! and if anyone can correct me on my thoughts here, then please feel free to do so..


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Re:Re Spiritual Gifts

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I also remember, as matter of fact I was guilty of the same when operating “the  gift of prophecy” brrrr!


With what little source I have at home, I could find only once that the phrase ‘thus said the lord’ is used in scripture. Isiah7:v7. I dare say there is more.


NT also seems silent, the closest I found, in ‘prophetic language’, is in Acts 21:11 when Agabus demonstrated how Paul was going to be dealt with by the Jews of Jerusalem, “thus said the Holy Ghost”. (“The Holy Spirit says”. NIV).


As a side to this, my thoughts are, even when we read the scriptures we need to say “thus said the Lord” having thoroughly examined what is written, and we are interpreting it correctly.



I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. C.S.Lewis.
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Re:Re Spiritual Gifts

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Hi Eric,

You've made some good points on "thus saith the Lord" as used by Revivalists in the voice gifts.

In the New Testament if the apostles, disciples and Jesus himself didn't use the words "thus saith the Lord" I can't understand why Revivalists over so many years keep pounding it out in interpretation and prophecy....except for dramatic effect.  The good old English of the KJV supplies plenty of that, yea.

There are about 400 occurrences of "thus saith the Lord" in the KJV Old Testament.  What a pity the more accurate Hebrew translation of "Thus speaks Adonai Yahweh" hasn't been used more.  My old JB which I often refer to uses (the name) "Yahweh says this" and "The Lord Yahweh says...".   I think using the Hebrew name Yahweh brings a different "feel" to reading of the Old Testament.

I doubt Revs would have any ideas about it. If the leaders see fit to use "thus sa..ith the Lord..uh" as they frequently do, well it's all OK then.  It's easy to lose the desire to look and learn in there.  Being filled and thrilled is the most important and being busy outreaching the message... ..keeps leaders happy too.

God Bless


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Re:Re Spiritual Gifts

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i remember someone in the CAI Scottish assembly when prophecising or giving interpretation, would regularly use the phrase 'Lord Father' .... struck me as bullS***   .... what happened to the wholly spirit ?!

We were regularly reprimanded for not giving anointed gifts, or for not using the prophecy.

Thing about the gifts that troubled me the most,was there was never any 'post-service' discussion or reflection of the gifts given .... sometimes there were inspiring messages 'given'.   No,  stick on the music, get the food organised, pack up the instruments etc etc...     attend actions , ocasionally get reprimanded, hand out more teaching.

.... the stupidity of it all, finally hit me.... here us spending the entire afternon singing praying reading His Word, then God himself delivers us a personal message.... and  .... we just ignore it !  
.... i'd totally pissed if i were god!!

- it had to be total bollocks.... but it took a few years ti realise!

me - i don't think  I ever prophecised -- too terrified. 
... i couldn't convince switch off my brain and just let an unconsious stream of words exit my mouth that was supposedly from God himself.  !

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