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RCI Morals Doctrine

Fornication and Revival Centres Policy:

A biblical evaluation of 1 Corinthians 5:1-8
by Ian Thomason, MTheol

Download RCI Morals Doctrine

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Re:RCI Morals Doctrine - By Ian Thomason

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Reply To Ian's Fornication and Revival Centres Policy

Interesting read. Agreed with most of it except:

It is for the ‘clay’ to reject the ‘Potter’ by elevating oneself to a position of being equal to God, and therefore, of being capable of deciding for oneself what is right and what is wrong. But we humans lack those absolutely crucial qualities that God alone possesses, and which enables the making of fully informed choices.

You can't decide what is right and wrong? Why the hell not? Since when does one need to be equal to god to be capable of deciding that?

We need only reflect on the quality of
omniscience (being
all-knowing”) very briefly, to understand this. Consider: you or I could easily make a choice and cause an action, which although stemming from the purest of motives, might have disastrous consequences. Quite simply we cannot comprehend the
global’ consequences of our individual decisions when put into action.

What a load of rot. It's not rocket science is it really? You play in the traffic, you get run over. Basic.

it is for us to remain image-bearers of God rather than aspiring towards being gods
ourselves. Adam and Eve learned this harsh truth to their and to our cost.

Its not about being a god, its about plain and simple consequences.

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Re:RCI Morals Doctrine - By Ian Thomason

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I think you'll find that Ian's simply pointing out that, from a Christian perspective, we humans need to adopt God's standards of right and wrong rather than see ourselves as able to set our own standards. From a Christian perspective we decide if something is right or wrong by checking whether it's in harmony or conflict with what God says. I'm sure you'd agree with that.
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