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I quote from the CAI's financial statements...
"At balance date the entity has committed to paying future legal costs that will be incurred by a director in regard to a private matter. The amount has not been quantified and cannot be given a value".

I think we all know what this "private matter" is but is it really ethical for the members of a church to bear the legal fees of the director of a company? Would the CAI ever have paid the legal fees of some lowly member if they had been accused of something? 

And the "director in question" must have hired some top attorney - legal fees in 2009 = $2990, in 2010 $20094 and in 2011 a staggering $22211. 

How do these directors (Lars, Michy, Scott, Donald and Drew) sleep at night?????? 
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Re:Questionable Ethics

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That is quite shocking information.  I wonder how CAI is allowed to continue to hold the financially favourable charitable organisation status in Scotland and Australia, whilst using large amounts of money to defend against accusations which Scott more or less already admits to on CAI's own website?! 

Maybe some financially qualified members who were previously in the Finance Department can shed some light? 
Paying a director's salary/expenses is one thing, but surely there must be a Trust document which regulates how money can and cannot be used? 

At the end of the day, the accusations against Scott were not made to him in his capacity of CAI director, or in respect of his failure to carry out director duties, but his actions as a private individual.  Therefore, these tens of thousands of pounds collected under the guise of charitable income, are surely being misappropriated?

As for the other directors you mention J, apart from possibly Donald, these people are part of the second generation of senior people who joined after CAI had already morphed into a corrupt money-loving personality cult.  It is no surprise to me therefore that they can swallow this stuff easily and sleep tight each night. 
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