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Date Posted:12/02/2012 9:11 AMCopy HTML

Some of you may be aware that due to the onset of dementia Loyd is now in an aged care facility.

Someone told Mrs Mole the other day all the other residents avoid him because he is in a god bothering (aka wïtnessing) mode 24/7 and this avoidance has caused him so much distress that he has taken to having his meals in his room and seldom leaves it.


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Re:Pastor Loyd Longfield

Date Posted:13/02/2012 1:58 AMCopy HTML

It appears to me he may be suffering 'burnout' in this case. It may never kill you, but your long life may not seem worth living.
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Re:Pastor Loyd Longfield

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 Hi all,

As it seems that Lloyd is on his last legs, it begs the question 'will Simon stick around when he passes?'.
Personally, i think he is a fraud and just there for personal(material)gains so it will be interesting to watch. 

If Simon does decide to stick around,will the Pastors under him be happy to play second fiddle?......
I cant see these Ego maniacs sitting back and letting Simon rule the roost now that they don't have Lloyd to answer to.

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Re:Pastor Loyd Longfield

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Hi, Monty.

Simon has been running the RCI, and for more than simply a few years. Consequently, other 'pastors' have been subordinate to him, and no doubt will continue to be so. And, of course, noone has really 'answered' to Lloyd for ages so I really don't see that his inevitable passing will change matters greatly.


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Re:Pastor Loyd Longfield

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Hi Drmont,

There was much consternation among older and experienced RCI 'pastors' when it was realised that Lloyd was grooming son Simon to replace him as supreme leader.  I suspect (unlike the very public morals thing) this was one of the undisclosed reasons behind the formation of The Revival Fellowship under the leadership of John Kuhlman.

Perhaps Simon followed the lead of John of Revival Fellowship and formed a Council, a kind of Revivalist House of Lords, to exercise the control that was previously Lloyd's alone.


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