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This is a guide to what heaven and maybe hell is going to be like.Or at least our individual interpretations and hopes as to what it might beAnd is there a stop over being a ghost on the way to heaven or hell?It would seem that ghost speak only one language. Or what ever language or languages that the former living person knew. As all these ghost hunters who ask the ghost to "make a noise to let us know you are here" or "Can you tell me how come you never tell me who killed you when we talk but you always tell me that you are looking out for me"Really? Ghost have nothing better to do than hang out looking at people getting hit by cars.  What an after life.I suppose when you are in heaven you could  use the Babel Fish to communicate with each other.And for food it's what ever you want all the time. Unless you don't need to eat and that would be soooo sad.How about sleeping. I like sleeping. Come to think of it I'm very good at it and it takes up a third of my life now. And dreaming I like dreaming. Will we be able to dream? So heaven for me would be to have a Babel Fish in my ear,being able to eat what even I want when ever I want and sleeping. Not asking for much.Now I'm not planning on going to heaven but I don't believe that anyone is going to heaven. And I don't believe in ghosts for people who see them and hear them just be fooling themselves. But what the hell will hell be like? 
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