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 I and many others have been turned down for help for various reasons, Depression, Schizophrenia etc. The nurse at the hospital is telling all mental health patients they wont start to recover until they join the as he called it the speaking in tongues church. This raises many alarm bells. 
 I have now lost 2 friends to suicide because they were not allowed in and were not getting any help from the hospitals because of these nurses that are all in the church, Just wondering if there is a way to fix this problem? Obviously blowing the whistle would be a good course of action seeing as I have nothing to loose, I am now mostly a drifter and just get help from any person , doctor i can but all they can do is direct me to hospitals that will not treat.
 I think it's high time to do something as suicide rates jump dramatically we have people watching at train stations for jumpers now, So the money is ending up after the suicide, This desperately needs attention anyone else with experiences like this please drop a line, Or if you think you can help somehow.

Thank you, Gonecraze
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Re:Mental health push

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It is a fact you will not get any support from these sorts of "churches". Just this morning I was told, from a reliable source, that a long standing family member of the Geelong Revival Centre was put out because he suffered from depression and couldn't get the victory on it as "he wasn't walking in the spirit"

 That aside, I find it questionable that a nurse, or nurses in a hospital (you fail to mention which) are telling people this sort of thing as you claim.  Even the hospital Chaplains are forbidden to use a patient's 'unwanted situation' as an advantage to speak about their religion etc. whether right or wrong.  It just isn't allowed.

IF what you claim IS happening, then you need to inform the hospital authorities immediately and have these people dealt with. It is your duty of care.

I find it somewhat hard to believe also that you cannot find the help you need as there are so many good organisations and churches out there that do successfully help people in all sorts of troubled situations.

God bless.

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