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Its been 8 months since i have  left revival, and what an amazing time has it been. The growth that i have made in jesus christ is awesome. With every step i take toward Jesus and every time i look back, i realize how far from the truth i really was. Being in revival made me so ignorant to who Jesus really was and what salvation  was. Sure there were great times, happy times,sad times , times i laughed till i cried with my old snake wielding tongue talking friends.

 But what i have now is so much better and it is more real than before.Would i go back to revival? No! this new life is so amazing and its so wonderfully good, i thank god for it every day. I guess today im just estatic about the change and growth in my life and how far i have come. God bless to you all and anyone feel free to share your time and growth spent out of revival and for Jesus.
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Re:Looking back

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I was cast out for a very stupid reason (RFA, Singapore, some years ago). I was hurt when my situation wasn't even considered as a breach of the church rule. It should be considered as a counselling session instead. I was given a 'holiday' by the pastor.

God answered me saying that the rejection or the insult would hit him first before it would hit me. That wasn't true. I felt that I was being taken for a ride. If He is so good, surely He will have to do something to comfort me for that breach.
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