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Almost 30 years ago I left the ARC. This year I had the opportunity to meet with a 'still' Revival Fellowship member who was a patient in the hospital where I work.
That person remembered me and spoke (not of Christian things though), their partner recognised me and spoke. They had 5 visitors come to the hospital, probably for communion, 2 house leaders and their wives and a pastor. The house leaders and their wives spoke to me, but the pastor refused to even acknowledge I was even there.
It's so sad to think that after all that time, they still hold a grudge. I have moved on and until this incident, didn't think of the RF, but when they had their session on the hospital and started to sing their choruses, I noticed it was the same choruses they were singing almost 30 years ago.
Perhaps it is time the RF amd it's members moved on and came into the real world.
I listened to the PETRA song 'Rose-coloures stained glass windows' and (while I thought about myself as the rich), the first verse is for the RF.

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Re:Long Memory but no forgiveness

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Hi defcon01,

Your recent encounter with the 'distinguished group' of hospital visiting Revivalists seems to have brought back a flood of memories.

I hope they didn't bring guitars and do the automatic clapping while singing their choruses.  In my opinion chorus singing around a patient's hospital bed (especially if in close proximity to other patients) is an unnecessary display of showiness.  If I were a sick Revivalist and subjected to the bedside choruses, my mind would stray to wondering if my present position was supplying an opportunity for a good witness.  Being instant in season and out of season, I'm sure a pocket full of pamphlets would be at the ready for any interested listeners such as staff, other patients, their visitors and anyone else passing by. 

Cynical I might be but it's born of long term exposure to the Revivalist mentality.  I used to be one of them.

Keep enjoying your PETRA music. They are good to listen to.

God Bless

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