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Dear ************* With the recent 3 way split in the Revival Centres International, it may interest you to know that there is far more to the split than you have been made aware of. Our assembly is currently under investigation by a Member of Parliament together with a journalist and the Human Rights Commission and we are about to undergo the media spotlight in the very near future. The oversight will deny this claiming they have heard these threats several months ago BUT IT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. There have been a large number of ex Assembly members interviewed which have opened a “Pandora’s Box” of corruption within the upper ranks of the assembly. Pastor Darryl has been mentioned by several people about his in depth interrogation of people who have committed immoral offences. He has asked extremely personal questions to men and women often compelling them to give a complete description of their sexual encounters. DOES A PASTOR NEED TO KNOW ALL THIS? Pastor John often encourages to tithe while he seems to be always making overseas trips and now owns a new Volvo. Pastor Lloyd lived for many years in a mansion called “Carn Brae” at 5 Harcourt Street, Hawthorn. This mansion was once the American Embassy in Melbourne and would be a house befitting a movie star. Many church organisations present a regular financial report or budget which any member can see but we are kept totally in the dark. Surely anyone who puts money in the tithe bag is entitled to know if the funds are going to overseas trips or a new Volvo for the pastor or to some legitimate cause.  Any young person in the assembly who has ever committed an immoral offence would know about the humiliation of having to give a complete account of their deed to the interrogating pastor (and company). My own son was subjected to this and I know for a fact how he was treated including the mandatory time out of fellowship. However, Pastor ****** daughter ****** and her husband ****** indulged in sex in a car at the Melbourne convention before they were married. ***** later felt guilty and confided in a brother who in turn passed this information on to Pastor Darryl. ***** and ***** were never put out of fellowship and now ***** has bobbed up as a pastor. Is this justice or do we have two sets of laws in the assembly, one for the ruling class and one for the peasants.  I know of a family who were pressured to leave the assembly because they wanted to send their children to a church run school and the oversight forbade them. I would like to ask if you can name one child who ever fell away from the Lord because of some church of England doctrine. The answer is not ONE! The thing that draws our young people aside is more likely to be the wordly temptations of sex or drugs etc. Surely if we want our children to have a better education then we are free to choose a private school over a public school. The oversight have managed to replace a god given authority that children should obey their parents. For some strange reason pastor John feels only the pastors have enough wisdom to deal with such matters as where your children should or should not go to school.  This is our assembly and not the pastor’s assembly and the pastors are accountable for the flock and not licensed to fleece the flock. Pastor John didn’t die for you…. Jesus Christ did! Our pastors make full use of the “freedom of speech” we have in this country, to rubbish or run down any other group or idealogy and yet who is able to give them any contructive criticism even in the spirit of meekness. You and I both know it would fall on deaf ears and have grave consequences for the person who dared to speak up.  I have recently finished reading a book called “The subtle power of spiritual abuse”. This book is available from major bible book shops and gives an amazing desription of a cult. The classic symptoms are: - They demonise the outside world or present a scenario of us versus them. - They believe they are the only ones who know the truths. - Members are kept in fear of leaving and believe there is no life outside of the organisation and they would lose their salvation etc. - They require strict obedience and require the groups will to be over the individual’s will. - They have a head person who is very charismatic and that person exercises a controlling influence over all members. Does any of this sound familiar? Our assembly is forever having new rules invented which have no scriptural basis. I know and you know this assembly is losing its first love. How often do you hear a talk that is full of the Holy Ghost or stale clichés? We have forgotten about the power of the spirit and have replaced it slowly with a load of rules and regulations. The problem isn’t the assembly but rather the people who run it… They have lost sight of the fact that God wants control of our lives instead they are trying to CONTROL US. You may not realise this but all of the assembly property in Adelaide, including the Vogue, Elizabeth, Woodcroft, Carricalinga is registered in the names of John Khulmann, Darryl Williams and Geoff Capon. This can be easily verified by paying a small fee at the Land Titles office and doing a land title search. If our assembly was to fold up tomorrow who do you thing would suddenly become rich? That isn’t the only property  owned by John Martin Kuhlmann of 108 Avenue Road, Clarence Gardens. Pastor John has endeavoured to create a lie that the assembly property is not registered in his name – you be the judge. Simply to into the Land Titles office and ask to do a search under the name of John Martin Kuhlman of the above address. You will be surprised. On June 6, 1991 an assembly member named **** sexually assaulted a 13 year old girl at the Carrickalinga camp. ***** appeared before his honour Judge Lunn at Central District Criminal Court, Adelaide on Monday ***** and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to six months prison but given a suspended sentence and placed on 2 year good behaviour bond. Judge Lunn in sentencing made reference to “THE REFERENCES WHICH I HAVE RECEIVED FROM VARIOUS PASTORS IN THE ADELAIDE REVIVAL CENTRE”. Obviously our pastors were aware of the offence and yet ***** was allowed back into the assembly immediately where he was involved with the Sunday School children. Further offences took place and it appears blatantly obvious that Pastor Graeme was more interested in protecting the name ADELAIDE REVIVAL CENTRE than the children in the assembly.  A few years ago a young girl in the assembly was molested by a 24 year old man. The man (******) was put out of the assembly but although the girl was under the age of consent, the matter was never reported to the police. This criminal offence was never reported to the police as Pastor ***** obviously sets himself above the law simply to protect the name ADELAIDE REVIVAL CENTRE.  I am sick and tired of hearing our pastors rubbish other groups and pointing out their shortcomings when we have more than enough faults in our own church. We have many people who need healing. We have many people who have died of cancer. We have immorality in our church. I am sick of hearing of people’s personal problems that have been discussed with the oversight and then aired for public consumption.  Pastor Darryl talks with the confidence of a man who could raise the dead and walk on water, so why can’t we pray for ***** or *** and see them raised from a wheelchair or is pastor Darryl just a bag of hot air. Pastor Rex once told a story of praying for a crippled girl who was miraculously healed. So how come he had a finger amputated when it couldn’t be healed? Pastor ***** told of his son who was miraculously head of a mental illness but what he forgot to add is that his son works now in a sheltered workshop. Some healing? In the bible, God confirmed his word so where is the confirmation or proof in our assembly?  We have young people in our assembly who have been forced into disastrous marriages because they became too familiar in courtship e.g. the young man put his hand on his girlfriend’s breast and yet we have a lady ***** in our assembly who had an affair, got pregnant then had an abortion. The pastors are aware of this and also aware her husband has never been told. Isn’t this hypocrisy? The list goes on.
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