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The first I found anything on the internet on the GRC etc was back in 1997, I was still involved in the place and another person who is still involved today, yet has been "put out" as they call it several times over disagreeing with the ministries tactics sat with me and asked me to search for any info concerning Noel etc.

We then found what was the the early works of T W (I imagine he would not mind if I mentioned his name, but have not asked permission), who from what I can tell helped build Cultweb and the forums we use.

It would be interesting to hear from the pioneers of what we find on the web and how it all came about.
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Re:Just a note on the genesis on this forum

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Troy posts on the Forum as TLY. If you send him a message, I am sure that after his holiday, he would be happy to give a brief history of the site (s).

He was a great help to me and mine and others, 13 years ago when we left the GRC Pty Ltd, Geelong Branch.

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