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Date Posted:28/07/2010 11:15 AMCopy HTML

Hi everyone !

I was introduced to this site by my husband,I am personally quite technically challenged but could not resist posting my story given my history with the ARC in Adelaide.
I chose my user name "turnip on my head" as a tribute to my life in the ARC and as my mantra for survival in the real world.
I was raised in the ARC from the age of 1-2yrs. I have had a turnip on my head ever since. What I mean by that is, that organization made sure that not only did I spend my precious childhood years as an obvious FREAK to the outside world, they also made damn sure that I would never quite fit into any life outside of the ARC if I dared  to leave.
That was almost 23 years ago now and yes I did leave. It was to date the single most frightening, courageous ,terrifying,confronting,challenging,heartbreaking and positive choice I have ever made.
I am 40 something yrs now and have accepted that the feeling of walking into any social environment with an obvious flaw [such as an imaginary turnip on my head] is going to be with me forever.
Nowadays I embrace that turnip as a badge of honour proof of my survival and my escape from that wretched crippling organization.
Anyone reading this needs to know that I was there from the almost start, my parents were the so called pillars of the church. Lucky me.
I spent my childhood with screaming legs enduring endless meetings, 5 or more per week wishing I were anywhere but there. Then came the true horror, the so called age of "understanding" translated into real world English this means .... you are old enough to "receive the spirit now" and speak in tongues. By the way, if that doesn't happen after the first  few earnestly uttered hallelujahs, you must be a bad person who clearly doesn't love "The Lord". ENTER GUILT. Also the bonus prize , you will burn forever in hell if you don't hurry up and do it before "HE" comes back. Nothing like a bit of fear to motivate a kid into learning a new language hey? Anyhoo, fast forward  several years and add a teenage marriage . no education, [lay up treasure in heaven] several children and chronic lifetime dysfunction. Bitter,........ DO YA THINK?!!!
Heres the good news, my teenage husband turned out to be the love of my life, we left in time to save our many children from a life of fear and guilt , we  have good health and the freedom to educate ourselves in any way we like  and to be proud of our own achievements.
So allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lisa, I am an artist, author, wife, mother and after leaving the ARC,
anyone  I CHOOSE TO BE.
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Re:Is it a life sentence?

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 Hey Turnip, thanks for telling your story.

I always wonder about all the kids brought up in 'The Lord', and how much hope they have compared to 'reason' age converts. Is there 'more' curiosity to explore life outside of the hall walls, or is the terrifying 'worldly' world something too evil to venture into? I've seen too many babies brought up and become parents themselves, teaching the Revival way, and keeping the cult cycle going. It's sad.

It's good to hear some kids grow up, wise up, and get out.
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Re:Is it a life sentence?

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Hi Lisa,

I am so glad that you got out in time to give your kids a chance. 

I left the GRC Pty Ltd when my 'turnip' was fully mature and my kids unfortunately had medium sized ones beginning to sprout.

You are absolutely right, once the 'turnip' is there, it IS there for life. It may shrivel and wilt a bit, but given the right circumstances it makes its presence felt and you are sure that everyone can see it.

Life is so good outside our sects and cults and it is only through perseverance that the truly brave manage to build a life that is as close to 'normal' as you can get.

It sounds as if you have chosen to be one pretty special person!!!!!

Good on you. YAY!



"Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out."
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Re:Is it a life sentence?

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 Hi, and thanks for sharing your thoughts, (and triumphs!)

By ARC, are you talking about the Adelaide Revival Centre?  So that would be the Revival Fellowship since '95 that you have been involved with.

Not much time to elaborate now, but I believe the 'turnip thing' is something you CAN well and truly divorce yourself from.  The past may well have influenced who we are today, but we are no more victim to it than we allow ourselves to be.  Onward and forward I say!  Blessings!

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Re:Is it a life sentence?

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Wow, your story was so powerful. I respect you for having the strength to get up and move on. At least you got something wonderful out of it all - your true love and your family. That's pretty blessed. The turnip thing? I think that it is possible to remove it completely, but it will be very difficult. Something like what you have been through has a lifetime effect. Remember though, you aren't alone.

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