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Hello there, Introduced to this wonderful site through a friend. She's awesome.

I came to the church when I was 17. I was going through some family problems, and my best mate introduced me to it. I felt isolated like many adolescents, and like I was an alien creature to my family. When I entered the church, they were so supportive and I was loving it. Instantly welcomed into the fold and for years was loving it. I didnt recieve the holy spirit for a year and half, after going to 2 camps.

As time went on, my best mate started to let me know of all the rules and what I should and shouldn't do? what was kosher pretty much. I was shocked but subscribed to that mentality for a while and just accepted it.

During my time I was involved with a sister from Warnambool, travelling to Adelaide and hanging with some brothers and sisters there as well as many from the Geelong assembly. I loved the social life, and didnt drink/swear etc. was sort of a goody goody. at the second camp i went to, some guys took me to the mex and we started drinking. from then on in I knew it wouldnt be long before I was out.

I was put out regarding the actions in w'bool... i felt guilty and I told a few people and then they said to tell pastor as i wouldn't be right with this on my head. aI was put out because of contact with a girl in the avondale heights assembly. we were at a young peoples outing, she started rubbing my leg during a group circle. Myself being the inquisitive type then said lets go over the swings, with a few other people we kissed and did some other stuff. It got found out and I was put out for 3 weeks. Not a big punishment. The girl got nothing.

I was then involved in a big schmozzle with some interstate brothers and sisters. one was put out and i wasn't allowed to talk to them, but still did. some rumours were made about them which weren't true, and they believed it. the brothers father searched for his diary in his room and read it, then made photocopies and sent it to the respective pastor. that's when all the shit hit the fan. there was stuff about us being an awesome threesome of mates... they took that as meaning me and this other brother were gay and the girl involved (who he was romantically involved with), were in some bizarre sexual relationship.

By that time i had enough, and didn't really mind about being put out. I then had sex, which i regret now. but i'm loving life, and its pretty good. i suffer from depression occasionally, go through bouts of it which is quite hard to deal with.

I had no family in the church, which was lucky because I had a support base to fall back. people considering leaving, do it for yourself if you want to. i have never felt freer, I know longer worry about what people think of me and I go about my normal business.The worst thing about leaving was the fact that I lost contact with most of my friends in the church. however the true friends have stuck with me. its also hard to make lasting relationships with people in the world cos you tell them bout the church, and they just don't understand. it makes it hard to relate to people sometimes.

still in contact with heaps of current attendees, all you need to do is make sure you can trust people and keep secrets. and people will be your friend. a lot of people said i wouldnt be blessed when i left. fact in life. bad things happen to good and bad people. thats life. ive been pretty lucky. life is luck.

kudos to the makers of this forum, its great. a support network for people who dont have any other networks to fall back on.
peace. love. harmony
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