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Narcissistic personality disorderSigns and symptomsPeople who have a narcissistic personality style rather than narcissistic personality disorder are generally psychologically healthy, but may at times be arrogant, proud, shrewd, confident, self-centered and determined to be at the top. They do not, however, have an unrealistic image of their skills and worth and are not dependent on praise to sustain a healthy self-esteem.Overreacts to criticism, becoming angry or humiliatedUses others to reach goalsExaggerates own importanceEntertains unrealistic fantasies about achievements, power, beauty, intelligence or romanceHas unreasonable expectations of favorable treatmentSeeks constant attention and positive reinforcement from othersIs easily jealous[4]Has a sense of entitlementIs interpersonally exploitativeLacks empathyDisplays arrogant, haughty behavioursDiagnostic criteriaAt least five of the following are necessary for a diagnosis (as with many DSM diagnoses, they must form a pervasive pattern; for example, a person who shows these criteria only in one or two relationships or situations would not properly be diagnosed with NPD):has a grandiose sense of self-importanceis preoccupied withfantasiesof unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal lovebelieves that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by other special peoplerequires excessive admirationstrong sense ofentitlementtakes advantageof others to achieve his or her own endslacksempathyis oftenenviousor believes others are envious of him or herarrogantaffect.10. doesn't talk about Jesus only about himself - can't hear things like: my stroke / my dream / my past etc etc etc wouldn't be exaggeration to say for every time Scott mentionened Jesus in the last 3 years he mentioned himself/talked about himself 15x more - if you know him ask yourself when did you hear him talking about Jesus and how often about himself......what the heart is full the mouth flows over..... then again this all is "satanic" according to Scott's discernment ....or was it knowledge???Jock
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