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I joined RCI Melbourne in 1991 at the age of 21.  I grew up not ever going to church, and certainly from the wrong side of the railway tracks.  I was over indulging in alchohol and drugs, dealing and my life was out of control.

I ended up being spoken to via the coffee shop at the forum theatre, and figured there was nothing to lose.

Well, after being baptised and speaking in tongues, I certainly did my best to conform, and give up the smoking and drinking.  I attended just about everything on offer.  My life took a turn for the better, and I was reasonable happy. Then I went and got married in the church. Looking back I think I was too immature at 24 to really consider what I was doing.  Anyway the marriage was awful.  After 12 years it finally ended.

The last few years of me being at RCI I really started to feel uncomfortable with the place.  I did not agree with the no drinking alchohol rule, as I felt it was drunkeness and not the drinking that the bible clearly stated was the issue, and I thought that it was too extreme to panic about moderated drinking.  I figured no drinking at all was immoderate.  Then I started to get uncomfortable with saying that people were not real christians if they did not speak in tongues, as I was married to a tyrant who spoke in tongues and acted very ungodly, yet other christians that i met were lovely people who were gentle and seemed to show the fruit of the spirit.  I just knew it could not be true about speaking in tongues.  Also I did not trust that all people really spoke in tongues as some of the people were just acting it out, it seemed so ingenuine. 

Well, under complete stress with things going bad with my marriage and at church, I started hitting depression.  My condition became worse, nobody would talk to me, I started having problems with my sexuality, so I went to see a pastor.  He said basically that he couldn't help, and for me to go and see a psych doctor.  Well i did, and that was no help at all, and I finally committed adultery.  I was then put out and shunned, and found myself at the worst possible time of my life on my own. 

After a few months on my own, I started drinking and smoking as I was bored and lonely and a mess.

I finally ended up at Greensborough All Saints Anglican church and the minister there pulled me aside and I told him everything, sobbing as I went along.  He said that that is not what the grace and love of Jesus is about and said that I was very welcome to attend.
Well - 2.5 years later I am happy in that church, I have controlled my drinking and near given up smoking, am not bothered by and with sexuality issues, knowing that I am covered by the grace of Jesus my God, I haven't looked back.  I am even started to study ministry, and am running a band at church. 

I finally have the peace I was after.

I hope that doing some university study on the bible and ministry will finally purge out the 14 years of indoctrination that still bugs me every now and then.

Oh - and I don't have to sing those awful ghastly choreses from the 1950's either!

I still sadly miss those friends that I built up over the years, and still havent completely replaced a few really close friends but it will come in time. What started off as terrible actually has turned out ok.  Pity it took so long.
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Re:I finally have the peace I was after

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Hey Mister K,, welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story.

You story whilst is so indervidually your own yet echo's so many that we hear on this forum and in other places when we come across others from within this group of "church"s" .

Great to hear that you have found a place where you where loved and shown the grace of God.

Once again welcome and please hang around get to know us, share your thoughts on things that are posted or any thing that you may wish to discuss. be prepared for many answers from differing perspectives which is good as this is what the forum is about.

take care

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