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Date Posted:03/09/2008 2:50 PMCopy HTML


The RCI have requested that any images belonging to them should not be used without their express permission. This is their legal right and I have complied with their wishes after sufficient research. We don't need to use their logo or photos to discuss the goings on of their organisation. However, if anyone does have any privately owned photos of the Longfields we would very much appreciate a copy, along with permission to publish. Feel free to send them to

During discussions with a representative of Revival, the following statement was made which is erroneous and untrue. Ian has NEVER owned this forum, nor has he moderated it, and to the best of my knowledge neither has an  'Andrew' Dixon. Perhaps they are mistakenly linking the Please Consider website to this forum. They also named myself (the moderator) as a Peter B****, but this is also misinformed: 


Just to add, the current registered owners listed for your forum is
Andrew Dixon & Ian Thomason so if this is out of date, you may want to
arrange it being updated as well. This is in the event that if
were to issue a warning\request for removal etc and recieved no response
they would most likely have to take action without any notice. Thanks

Other messages sent recently:

The referred image isnt in breach of copyright because of who is in the
image but rather it is in breach of copyright because the 'owner' of the
image has not granted you specific permission to use it. As an example
if a photographer took an image, they would have copyright of the image
taken. The photographer would either grant permission or sell the
copyright for the image to be used in a publication. In this case
Revival Centres International are the copyright holder for the used
image and have requested that it be removed. For more information please

The image used on you website of the RCI logo is legally registered and
copyrighted to Revival Centres International, any attempted to use or re-create 
the image without specfic permission is in breach of
copyright. Refer:
I recommend seeking legal advice or consulting with the 
Australian Copyright Council if you require further clarification in the matters of copyright

For your own information, the parody/satire
defence would not work in your case for multiple reasons as it is
Revival Centres International 'logo's & images' that are in breach of
copyright not the 'content\information' (although this is also currently
being reviewed). I am heavily experienced\involved in Copyright Law so
please conside this fair notice now. Any further attempts to breach any
copyright belonging to Revival Centres International will be followed up
by an 'intent to sue'. Thanks

Note the link below is a better source for your Parody\Satire defence
though as already mentioned these specific breaches unfortunately fall
out of the category acceptable use:

Horse and rider - A man on his high horse, blowing his own trumpet
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Re:Horse and rider logo

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Hmmm. So someone has accused Drewksie and me of being the owners/Moderators here, huh? Well now, I'd appreciate you emailing me with the details of said accusation, including the email contact details of the originator. I much share with him/her a piece of my mind, and a little legal advice to boot smiley11

Ta muchly,

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Re:Horse and rider logo

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FWIW your call seems sensible to me. Why waste time/energy on an issue which as far as I'm concerned shows pettiness on the part of RCI. (Having read that info sheet, it'd be interesting to get a legal opinion on the former parody of the 'horse and rider" logo but IMO not worth the cost, time or energy.)

For me, the main game is exposing Revivalist salvation doctrine as un-biblical.

Their comment about reviewing use of their content/material is almost amusing given my experience of their bagging of material from other churches. I ask myself, "Why is there apparently some concern about exposing that material to public scrutiny?"


I can understand protecting individuals, particularly those who seem frail, but if you want to be taken *seriously* in the "market-place of ideas", let alone as Christians, you'd be wise not to go down the litigous path (of a well known religon founded by a certain SF author) regarding your doctrine.

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Re:Horse and rider logo

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Good afternoon, Talmid.

Yes, the entire affair is quite amusing. To begin with, it appears that young Jason doesn't understand copyright law to the extent that he has claimed (I've received advice on this matter today, from a very good friend who is a QC, and who specializes in commercial law) Second, it is sheer nonsense from a legal standpoint to believe that one can prevent the airing of public opinion and commentary concerning a group's, any group's, belief system(s). The CAI attempted shenaningans of this sort several years ago; the GRC have dipped their 'collective toes' into threats of this sort as well; and now this young RCI upstart beats his chest along similar lines

Speaking for myself, I would simply relish the opportunity to present an informed expert's opinion before a magistrate hearing a libel case!



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Re:Horse and rider logo

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Karma or what?

On Sunday 7 September Simon said "we are having problems with our AV projection equipment and we can only display our horse and rider logo in black and white"

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