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Conch once asked about basically raiding if we had enough. There was mention on somewhere else on the site about someone being a thug 4 Hollins.The primary group would be the intellectually prepared Ex-GRC members who would gain control of the microphone, podium, have some people prepared to give testimonial re the bullshit the GRC puts you through, and some stuff how your life can be pretty good as well as a mixture of testimonials of success from both religious and non-religious perspectives.The primary group would be backed up by those prepared to physically defend them from Hollins Thugs.We need a legal observer who is not to get involved physically, their job is to document events so when the shit goes down, the dirt is far more on Hollins crew than us.Personal Info about me:Never been a member of GRC. Im an atheist for a while now and really quite content. I am keen on Freedom of & FROM Religion. I live in North Geelong.I found your site researching info on the Potters House with a Google search.I initially registered to find out if any of you knew what went on there. They think they are the true path too. It didn't take long to find out you were a wonderfully diverse bunch.I have also been working hard at adding some a variety of Ex-Christian and questioning Christians to compliment my overwhelminly Atheist Ex-Christian contacts. I have a major hatred of the Reconstructionists/Dominionists and desperately need to meet others without actually going to a worship service, short of the above cunning plan.Ok I wish you all well, except for you Noel, you evil peice of shit.
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