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As I read through the postings here, it isn't hard to see that the posts are being monitored by "Guest". It also isn't hard to see the "Guest" is still a member of RCI or one of it's offshoots.
The actions are still the same as they were 30 years ago. Argue about whats right or wrong, but whatever you do DON'T check the scriptures (in case you find you are wrong).
"Guest would be better off reading the posts with an open mind, not always ready to argue and quote RCI sayings, but consider that the people posting the messages are doing so for the benefit of people just like YOU.
We have been there and done that, we have also got out and found the God of the Bible, not the god of the RCI.
I still speak in tongues, I still prophecy, I still get a word from God, I just don't go to the RCI. So whats the difference between us?
They that call upon the LORD shall be saved. Notice, the RCI doesn't get a mention! THINK ABOUT IT!!!
Study to show yourself approved
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