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I have heard ex-Melbourne RCI leader (now RF) say that Lloyd Longfield was probably a universalist. Apparently he believes that while most will miss out on the first ressurection, EVERYONE will be brought into God's Kingdom in the 2nd ressurection.

This in essence means that EVERYONE will be saved...eventually.I asked this ex-leader why Lloyd doesn't say that publicly and he said that Lloyd was probably afraid that people would take that as a licence to sin and things would 'get out of hand' in the church (and we know how Lloyd liked to keep things 'pure' and under control right?).

Perhaps this explains why LL is so callous about kicking people out. He doesn't believe tht people go to hell at least not for eternity.You know, when I think back, we never heard much talk about hell at all in the Melbourne RCI. We heard LOTS about missing the Lord's return and the first ressurection but almost nothing about hell from the platform.
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Re:Hell - Justice verses mercy

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Just wanted to say on this subject, I heard LL speak in the UK about maybe 16 years ago and he said something like this: "If you don't rpent and be baptised and receive the Holy Spirit here in this life you may have to wait a thousand years before you get another chance."

I was surprised at this and asked an older brother what he meant and he said that LL believed that eventually everyone would be reconciled to God.
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