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Date Posted:13/05/2012 8:48 PMCopy HTML

Howdy Ianos,

Here's a helpful link (if in case you haven't yet come across) to stick into your ipad for when you are 'on the road' (ie playing soldier - bivouacs etc..)

 Gensenius Hebrew Lexicon online .. 


... blessings dude


PS here's a BDB zip as well but I haven't checked the link but parent site is   שׁלוֹם
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Re:For Ianos

Date Posted:14/05/2012 8:15 AMCopy HTML

G'day, Eric.

Thanks for the info, but Gesenius' lexicon is quite (out)dated. And given that I have electronic editions of BDB (which used Gesenius as its base), HALOT and NIDOTTE loaded to both laptop and tablet, I'm well covered when it comes to Hebrew lexicography on the fly ;)

Blessings, bro'.

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