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Favourite 'ERA' of the forum

I've been a fan of this forum for quite a few years. Fun times :P For those of us who keep watching it and have no idea why? What was your favourite era or event? You can vote for more than one if you need to! And yeah, I know this is stupid, but I wanted to play with this feature and take a trip down memory lane. Vote below!

  • The Galien year
  • The GRC troll attacks
  • Luke (Tony Barton) takes on Ian
  • Moth's Revival animations
  • Sabrina Pillinut talks tongues
  • Troy's Ian-Free 'non-Christian room' period
  • Shining for Jesus
  • The Hendersons got talent
  • Sleazy CAI Scott goes down
  • Duker fleeces flock
  • Frank's Ghost's penny drop
  • Ian's brief time on the BRF forum
  • The 'Snakechic' years
  • The ex-GRC Dave and Wazza years

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