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Hi everyone,Its awesome to see a forum setup such as this that can air clearly the mechinations of one of the most life-altering and insidious cults that exists in Australia in particular.

If it wasnt for Troy Waller and Jan Groenveld, I would still be isolated from my wonderful family, probably divorced and insane attending this cult. How is Troy these days...anyone know?I would love to believe in 'something' but am just happy to drift along at the moment. I am probably agnostic at best at the moment and attend no church, just happy to party hard and enjoy my family.

The Revival Centres group of churches are Cults with a capital 'C'.I still remember fellow worshippers in Perth suggesting I would have untold afflictions by my departure from the group.Let me see, Travelled the world, career advancements in motorsport media and making every day count...yes life is hard!:-

PIs there anyone on here that used to attend the Perth assemblies? I still shivver at the late, great Pastor AlanT threatening to kick me out of fellowship for playing an electric guitar in the hall during the week one time.

I remember when one Pastor PH's ex-wife left and she explained to me the story how she was ordered to have sex with her husband by PastorKQ so he could...are you ready...EMPTY HIS BUCKET! That says it all for me... DarrylH - another priceless piece of work, I still remember in the early 1990s when Saturday Young People's it was mandatory for men to wear V neck jumpers and collared shirts. Ladies had to wear long dresses below their knees...remember this was to a youth group meeting. Sad...very sad.

It was when I became a house leader in the group that really opened ones eyes. They literally judge and assess every single name on their fellowship list.I joined the Revivalists in 1986 and left lets see...1997. To think its been nearly 10 years since I came to my senses. Shame about the 11 before it.The other tragedy is this church simply do not properly prepare their youth to cope with modern world. Denial and avoidance is their solution which typically fails.

I remember Pastor KQ extolling to me in all confidence "my children will never depart this faith Dean as the bible says Instruct them in the way they shall go and they will never depart from it, all the days of their life." I wonder how Kevin coped with his eldest denouncing his church and God completely...Hypocrital decisions and situationsabound in this group too. Some young couples I remember were tolerated in living together (assumption of no sex of course), yet in my situation my now wife and I were put through sheer HELL, thanks to some asshole fellow fellowshippers who were NO ANGELS themselves.

I still remember waking up one morning as a young guy and there was then area-leader DarrylH on the foot of my bed in MY room, wondering if I had my then girl friend (now wife) in bed with me.She had left earlier in the nightHowever, whilst we slapped and tickled, we didnt 'fornicate'. Tragic...If there are any ex-Perth attendees on here who would like to chat, feel free to email me. I hope you are going ok!

Thanks - Dean Neal (Mashmett, I have changed my surname to my mum's now).

Its amazing, the more i typed here...the more pissed off I get!
Deeeano. :-)
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Re:Denial and avoidance is their solution

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Reply to : Deanoz

How is Troy these days...anyone know?

Troy's doing really well. He's happily married to his dream babe, has a cute li'l one year old, and another on the way (I think that's what he told me). He's teaching in China and I've nearly been tempted on more than one occasion to go join him, except that I think my kids would starve over there... fussy little blighters.

Oh, and he loves his scooter and ipod and the bastard keeps watching current episodes of Battlestar Galactica and teasing me about how far behind I am with it.

Troy's healthily avoiding this forum for a little while. I'm not sure how long this sabbatical will last though.

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Re:Denial and avoidance is their solution

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hi dean do you remember magda j attended same time as you but in bunbury!! sure was a time of fun but then as you said trial & tribulation as corrected for this that!! as alan c was pastor & what a hypocrite was he?? so left after 9 years to the beat of left cause of a man??? shocked horrified so rang alan t to stop rumors but told seeing left can't do anything?? yuh the love of the bretharen?? so walk the walk of faith with christ jesus in me as had holy spirit speaking in tongues before fully immersed so walk hand in hand with god as there is nothing else!!! &still pray daily & in tongues so enjoy times with him even though in heaps of pain from cruel things that happened but walk on regardless hating what man does to each other! hope this finds you well & remember you!
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Re:Denial and avoidance is their solution

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I remember you, Magda - and Dean, of course.  I remember fellowshipping a few times at your house in Perth after moving up from Bunbury  You had a pool, right?  Send me a message and I'll let you know who I am. 
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