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Date Posted:17/10/2010 10:00 AMCopy HTML

Narelle 15 and her brother Stephen 12 were born and raised in a fundamentalist
Christian religious sect. On 23rd November 1994, the day before they were to attend a
four day religious convention, they rode their bikes to a favourite place in the beautiful
Australian bush near their home, sat together in the sun to share a picnic of their favourite
foods while they compiled a letter:

"Considered running away but we would be caught and brought back."
" Please listen to us. Don't force kids into brainwashing ......"
"Please don't force this sort of thing on the children ......"
"...... think about the children ......"

Narelle and Stephen then each placed the end of their father's rifle into their mouth
and shot themselves.

This electronic edition of “Dangerous Persuaders” is particularly dedicated to them,
and to all those other children whose plight in similar circumstances continues to be
misunderstood and ignored.
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