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Date Posted:04/02/2013 6:29 AMCopy HTML

Hello all and (people interested in the CAI).

CAI  website 2013

I hadn't  looked at CAI  website for a long time (why would I of course !), but it's been re-worked/refined a good deal lately.

To their credit  it's actually well-put together.
 -  it's a lot less Fire-and-Brimstone than times past, and  the 'spin' is  hey we're just your standard   friendly smiley happy penticostal cult'
 .... look we're FRIENDLY  ...  no we're not dangerous, no not one bit !

It is very convincing.
 - it is very subtle
 - a lot of effort 's been expended

Those seekers of salvation,  truth, soul-searchers, the curious and ex-members, just be aware.
The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, the entry for  CAI would be: Mostly NOT Harmless

It's not  all bad of course, but the same can be said of  National  Socialism in Germany in the 1930s, a lot of people  were happy and confident of the future...
I was in the cult for many years, and some experiences were good and there can be great friendships  developed.

There are several  problems though of course which are hidden
 - happy smiley people may not always be right, even though  they think they are
 - their blessing (real or imagined) may be received inspite of their beliefs
     - many other people (christian/heathen) also are blessed
 - there has been a lot of abuse (psychologically, I personally witnessed/experienced),
    - some claim there has been financial and physical abuse in this organisation
 - Adminstration of the cult, is highly autocratic/despotic, and brave are those who think contrary to their ruling. 


The biggest problem, though is  academical, their spiritual legitimacy (doctrine).
People more able than myself, some found here in these forums, can explain the errors and flaws in the CAI doctrine. 

Particularly if you are  young, lacking self esteem or earnestly searching or, someone put the fear of God into you, and you are in great distress concerning the unsaved state of your  soul;  it is very easy to be carried along with  the salvation message the CAI  will teach you.

BUT --- be aware ....rather....  take care... there is no rush,  if you're unsure you want to commit (or are feeling pressure) and people are starting to bring you to a point where   you need to make a decision, take your time.  If you feel God is the solution, he has Grace. Take the opportunity for some logical thought.... ask 2nd 3rd 4th opinions.

THE TRUTH IS, the CAI do not have a monopoly of the TRUTH, their doctrine is faulty.
  - some things they say are correct of course but:

You can
 - can be saved in many other churches
 - you do not need to be baptised  (100% underwater)
 - you ESPECIALLY do not need to talk in Tongues (Glossolalia) for evidence you've received the Holy Spirit
 - you can move  churches
 - they is life outside the cult
 You can also
 - choose at a  later date, not believe at all,
          and not burn in Hell
          lead a fulfilling and fruitful life.

-  it'll take some time to de-programme from your cult experience and professional help is reccommended, see cult de-programming services.


interestingly  (may be !)  the CAI have posted ALL their teaching sheets on the Internet at their site.

To their credit, they stand by their  beliefs.
They sincerely and with total certainty believe they are correct.

PLEASE seek advice if investigating Christian beliefs and are seeking the Lord.
 - they are unfortunately wrong in numerous  and some very fundemental doctrines.
 - they will tell you otherwise of course
 - as a seeker (newly introduced to the Bible) you lack the knowledge to safely assess CAI intrepretations and doctrines.

Ex-CAI-ers ...  for me it's odd looking back at these documents.
They were such a part of my life, it's surreal  seeing them all again.
The photos make interesting  viewing...  there's still people I recognise.
Some look older (some haven't aged well).
- some I wonder if they really are happy
- there's a few there I suspect they know the CAI is morally and intellectually deficit.

I don't judge,  it took me several years to get to the point of leaving. It can be terrifying, especially if we've committed finanacially and emotionally.

I hope in 2013  there may be at least a few that join us in the ranks of ex-members.


It"s never too late to leave. Even if yon"ve been in the Assembly a long time.
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Re:CAI website 2013 - and theme/teaching sheets

Date Posted:16/02/2013 4:59 PMCopy HTML

Hi Anon1.

Thank you for your information.

The sheet list is online at the web page of CAI since around July 2008 already.

The interesting matters are not those theme sheets being listed at the official CAI web page.
The more interesting matters are those being not listed there.
For instance this one - about "Changing Assemblies": SB0002GB

A complete list of the theme sheets can be seen here: TSHEETS.pdf

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