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Date Posted:26/09/2021 1:15 AMCopy HTML

Good morning, All.

I've spent part of my morning listening to several 'talks' saved to the Brisbane Revival Fellowship website, most notably by my former Brisbane Revival Centres Houseleader, Arthur Marshman. They were largely typical Revivalist nonsense, given in Arthur's rambling-all-over-the-place manner, but his piece on 'spiritual gifts' was notably painful. Why? Because Arthur sought to explain his various positions through extended and woefully uninformed appeals to Greek grammar and morphology, a subject about which he clearly has no personal familiarity.

If you have a spare forty-three minutes and forty-three seconds, and you're open to hearing one man completely butcher koine Greek (and then with lashings of linguistic naivety) on his way to completely misrepresenting Paul's teaching on 'spirituals' in 1 Corinthians 12, follow this link:

For those interested in such things, Arthur makes a passing reference to 'Jesus' a little over eight minutes in.



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