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I went back to revival last sunday......kinda sucks going back. nothing is the same, now that i know what the truth is. ( revival aint preaching or teaching  it). I guess i only went back because my dad didn't talk to me and he didnt think anything i was doing outside of the church was lead by holy spirit ( he got this advice from ps brad) and i lost all my friends.

when i was at the meeting they gave a talk on bible prophecies (or should i say Revival prophecies ) somewhat shocking,boring and not very relevant and to top it all off they said the usual revival  1,2,3 steps to salvation so any new person at the outreach could have this happen to them.

after the meeting i was approached by PS john joske. Who somehow misinterpreted my leaving the fellowship as going off and doing my own thing

(which i wasnt, i was actually fellowshipping in different parts of the bosy of chirst and finding out what the truth really was) 

and i said "no i didn't" and he just kept trying to reinforce and insist upon himself and i, that my leaving was not led by the holy spirit and somehow ive come back to the truth????

his last comment was and i quote "see, you'll find reival has some of the best sound doctrine" . i didnt even bother to argue it , it wasn't worth it.

i don't expect my return to last very long, ill soon be questioned what i believe in,  why im not at evey meeting . Then they'll just ask me to leave and i wont come back then. maybey i can help some people in here, who knows . haven't felt much love since returning,don't think these "friends" really cared in the first place.

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Re:Back into the lions den

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Going back must have been very hard for you . 
Once you know the truth,it is hard to belong or fit into either world.
Finding like minded people takes time. Once we let barriers down a bit and stop filtering everything through our cult brains it gets easier .
You won't be able to stay ,in all honesty , guilt will carch up with you in the end.
Be true to yourself, there is only one important relationship and that is between you and God.
Losing family and 'fair weather friends ' makEs you stronger and makEs you see things in a diffErent light.
There really is no going back, consciensce allow it.
The entire behaviour pattern of those in cults is predictable and sad .
Be thankful that you have seen the light , a lot don't and are bound to the cult forever.
Good luck!!!!! 

"Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out."
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Re:Back into the lions den

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Hi, Kurt.

If you believe that what Revivalism teaches is heresy, then putting yourself back into the situation you've described is actually sinful. It's to join yourself in fellowship with spiritual error; it's to become party to the preaching of a false gospel, and it skirts perilously close to coming under spiritual condemnation, yourself (see, e.g. Galatians 1:6-10, and Hebrews 6:4-8).

Not wise, amigo.


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