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Dear readers,

It may interest you to know that another wave is about to come... The Lord is in charge, and He is opening more poeple's eyes to the thruth through the study of Scripture. A few years ago, we were doing a Bible Reading session, and some people started to take this seriously. We are now using The "Interlinear Scripture Analyzer" (, and have come to some very interesting conclusions. You may write to me about this on" . AFTER being convinced and convicted by scripture, we found things like this:


Gary Wilkerson's sermons have also challenged us a bit:

So based on pure scripture, the CAI system is now being challenged and the leadership is answering with very weird doctrine... which as most of you of course already know...

There is much more.... may finish off with this one:

With Love in Jesus Christ,


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Re:Another wave coming - please pray

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 Hi TwikieB ...
greeetings from Germany and God bess you.
I found your letter here under the chapter CAI. I was not a member of CAI but the
roots of CAI was the Pentecost Revival Centres and the RCI Reival Centres International
foundet by Anthony Scott Williams from Ausstralia.
I was one of the first 100 in PEB in Feldafing Bavaria ....
Mabe you have news from Australia about the proceedings agains ASW?

Regards from Germany

(Funker = Amateur Radio Operator ... Tom is my name)
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Re:Another wave coming - please pray

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 hi   TwikieB

great to  read members are  using  sources out side of the CAI.
( I guess teaching dept.  is  not so  omnipotent as in the past ?).

The  CAI's   teaching folders  including  the CAI David Wilkerson sheets were all  edited/formatted & translated.
- some CAI-DW sheets are edited ever so  slightly different than the originals, there's  a very conscience editing  of  text to ensure  a teaching sheet aligns with  received-CAI  doctrine. 

This applies to  many other teaching-sheets in the CAI, where 95%  is 'aligned'  and  tweeking is required to  re-align the 'salvation/tithing/friendship/tongues/Holy Spirit'  message.

weird doctrine -  there's a lot of that in CAI   :-)

.. keep  exploring and hopefully you'll make it out of the CAI-maze.     
many of us  have had  our  eyes opened
  -  there is hope

It"s never too late to leave. Even if yon"ve been in the Assembly a long time.
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Re:Another wave coming - please pray

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 Hi Funker, anon1 & Fraser,

Funker: Your question is obviously not relevant anymore

anon1:  Thanks for the input.

Fraser: Still praying for you, and am waiting for the day that you actually choose to obey the Bible (New Covenant) rather than the assembly teaching, should there prove to be an obvious contradiction (as you said you would). I sincerely pray for you... as well as several others...

Blessings, TwikieB

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