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Can anyone show from scripture where the extreme of pentes get the doctrine "anointing" from ?? You get Kenneth Copeland blurtering "you get anointing for this and anointing for that" and others saying "the anointing breaks the yoke" and all sorts of similar nonsense.

BUT !!!

Is this Biblical ?? I put it to you: "no it isn't !! " ... Now the Bible talks much about the subject of "grace" in the New Testament context.  And a common misquoted prooftext is 1 John 2:20 but a closer look at this text and we find that the application is not a singular but a corporate context.

Personally I propose that a lot of pente doctrines e.g. the 120 in the upper room etc. and "anointing" and so on, may have come about in the early beginnings of the pentecostal movement when pentes did not engage in any supervised formal orthodox Biblical study and the result was all these errors in reading the sacred text came about.. and consequently became traditionialised in pente culture..

any takers ??


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