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"You know what's funny, in the entire Melbourne Assembly there is only two people that would say such evil of brothers and sisters. Rachel and Kelly. How about you listen to Fay's poem and pray more. If you can't be bothered being a christian then LEAVE. Evil in the lump must leave, so how about you rustle up the courage and pray, and maybe the joy of the lord will show on your face. I cant understand why you would do such a thing as your comment above, I will be having a word to Daryl. People like you need to leave"

Firstly, in part I agree. If the person dislikes the fellowshipo so much they should leave. Of course that is not always easy with the RCI doctrine of 'leave the church, loose your salvation' constantly being poured into you.
Secondly, forget Fay's poem and read the Bible. After all, there is no human thoughts in that.
Thirdly, I know it sounds petty, but when writing, names and titles are ALWAYS capitalised, and certainly out of respect for who He is and what He has done, Lord, should have a capital letter. (I'm a journalist and poor grammer annoys me).
Fourthly, can't you fight your own battles? The bible says if you have a problem with someone go and see them, it doesn't say go and tell on them, because we all know that they will be put out of the assembly.
On second thoughts...go and tell Daryl.
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