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The book with the above title is EXCELLENT reading, and I thoroughly recommend it. The author is Jack Kornfield, a teacher, psychologist and meditation master. It has a sub-title 'A guide through the perils and promises of spiritual life'. Jack has written another book, that is equally good reading, called 'After the ecstacy, then the laundry'. Jack has an immensely wide-ranging list of influences. His profound wisdom comes from many years of seeing deeply into the lives of the many people he meets. He is a 'people person' and is like a giant sponge, and learns from everybody and everything he experiences. Then he writes with great insight about the complex spiritual paths that we may find ourselves on, and casts a bright light on those things, helping to make sense of it all. For any with an aversion to 'eastern' philosophies such as buddhist teachings, you may dislike Jack's books. That is unfortunate, as Christian values are respected and included in his books. He writes in much detail, of the dissillusionment that many face in their spiritual paths, and offers a lot of clarity and universal understanding. I hope this is of help to those that may read it. Dogmafree.
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