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Date Posted:04/02/2013 7:44 AMCopy HTML

Well another year has started.
  Feb  already -  time waits for no  man !

mmm  I rarely  think about the CAI these days, but do so every so often.
I suppose many of us do.

So,  what will happen in 2013.
Will Andrew Vidler and others  awaken and realise the errors of their ways?
Will Scott be brought again before court ?
 - will he miraculously be healed...  (but that would mean he'd have to go to court).
 - importantly will he repent and voluntarily confess/admit to the abuses (psychological/financial or otherwise).
Will there be another exodus of  members from the ranks of the CAI?

So, a  message to you folks at CAI,  (because it's not as if you don't monitor the cult forum!)...
I like your website (it's looking good),  you 've spent a lot of effort re-spinning your message and moderating your image.

And yes, well done standing up and being proud of yourselves - nothing to hide have you
It's very commendable you post so, but  I still can't help comparing to Arian/German propaganda of the 1930's... it's less obvious than our HV videos from the 90's.

Well  folks, we know you are very dedicated to the Lord, but you don't have a monopoly on His Blessings. I reckon that He 'll use you where he can, but you are very-special needs in his church.  May be quarantining Scott at PHQ is  the Lords way of damage-limitation ! :-)

You are also  extremely hardworking  as well - this is to be admired (genuine praise here) but Grace saves you - not works, so try not to be too hard on the members when they fail, they are long suffering as it is.  My hope is, you 'll see this year, that,  unfortunately you're misguided.
It's an appalling truth ... sorry

The most important point really is,  will 2013 be the big year for the CAI ?
Will this be the year you folks realise  that, well you've got some fundemental errors with your doctrines.
....Hey(!) didn't Scott in the 1990's  (semi-prophecise) that the year you compromise the doctrines, that's when you'll experience  massive  revival ??.... why not lads....  give it a go.

but you'll need to get your house in order as well.
 - your founder Scott,  who we all believed and trusted, and was the Whitest-of-the-White,  even more white than Gandalf the White wizard (!), and who also was bestest mate's with Aslan no less (!),  how come he was/is? involved in some serious accusations 2011-12 in Australian courts....  haven't you boys sorted this mess out?  

So make sure you let us know when scott is healed and is health is in order, (now that you're real open and stuff) and may be encourage him voluntarily come forward. You know the world is a lot more liberal, and may be it's time you had an openly gay pastor. Really lads (!) if you really loved him (spirtually) why would you let him in a mens night ... a room of semi-naked men writhing and massaging one-another while watching films. Aren't you tempting fate (and flesh)?

Even  you Andrew,  I honestly believe you can change.
 - we Ex-ers have taken pleasure in (but sometimes genuinely from a place of pain) cast you as the Big Meany
 - you caused a lot of damage to peoples souls over the years.
 - you hurt a lot of people
 - personally I can now forgive you.
 - I do still hope you can dig deep inside and look at your soul, like some of your (old) friends have done and change.
It'll likely be hard,  VERY VERY HARD, but it gets better.
 - you know you're doctrines are wrong.
 - it's time to sort it out.
 - hopefully you'll have the courage to do so.
 - may be you can help some of the others also to A) Change  B)if not, leave

may be this could be your year !
 ....  Andrew Schindler of the CAI  !!!    ---  leading people to truth and out of CAI-error, what a vision :-) 
 - have faith
 - you're our man for the job.

Best of luck
  ... Really.  I mean it,


It"s never too late to leave. Even if yon"ve been in the Assembly a long time.
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Re:2013 - there is hope.... even for you Andrew

Date Posted:04/02/2013 7:35 PMCopy HTML

 Hello from Germany ...

I have seen the new website but i miss some informations about the history of this assembly ...
On the german part there is nothing to read about the change from the "pentecost revival centre"
th the "Revival Centres International" .... and there is nothing about the contacts to the RCI Australia
for reconnection with the "mother church".... I think the webspace is big enough to write all about
the history of the CAI. But I think there are bad causes for "forgetting" this important parts ...
Sorry .... english (for me only another german dialect like bavarian) is nt my mother tonge ...

God bless you ...

Thomas (Funker)

ps: I found my face on several pictures ex. "Charles and Francis Hunter". This meeting was in Düsseldorf
in the early 80s. Now I'm working in Duessedorf but I have not visited the JESUS-Haus again.

1. Korinther 13 Vers 13: (1.Cor 13/13) Für jetzt bleiben Glaube, Hoffnung, Liebe, diese drei, doch am groessten unter ihnen ist die Liebe !!!! "Funker" -> Amateur Radio Operator (HAM)
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Re:2013 - there is hope.... even for you Andrew

Date Posted:17/12/2015 10:20 AMCopy HTML

 Dear anon1,

You probably already know that Andrew did leave in 2014. And he has been helping people out.

Blessings, TwikieB

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Re:2013 - there is hope.... even for you Andrew

Date Posted:07/01/2016 7:22 AMCopy HTML

 Hello  Twikie  !

I haven't  logged into/looked at the forum in a  long time  - sort  occasionally do at this time of year though. Anyhow,   thank you for the updates -  I was not  aware Andrew had left.

Great news

- As  much as I detest(ed)  him .... it's  great to learn he 'made the jump!'

- at the time of writing of original post,  I  sincerely  was hoping Andrew would leave

WOW (double wow!)

........  Andrew 'Schindler of the CAI'  !!  ....  may be others  desire the title, but  am  glad Andrew can help make amends and help some of our ex sister/brothers  from the CAI. 

- where's he based these days ?  UK , is he still repairing  instruments?

...  I have no desire myself to  contact him  myself- but genuinely  curious.


.... you did it ! good for you , 

.... bit disappointed  in you Matey that you didn't announce your departure on the forum... but hey you made it out. 

... ironic, that (CAI) Scotland's first convert is helping people to leave the cult. 

   glad you can provide some service to folks trying to escape.


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Re:2013 - there is hope.... even for you Andrew

Date Posted:07/01/2016 5:08 PMCopy HTML

 Well, he made sure many left the cult over the years, drove them out with his acting like an arsehole. He destroyed a few lives along the way, not by them leaving but by his dealing with them. Some would never turn to even a decent church because of his bullying manner.

You say you detested him? Does not come anywhere close to what I feel for him, and what I would do to him should I ever be back in Scotland
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Re:2013 - there is hope.... even for you Andrew

Date Posted:07/01/2016 10:43 PMCopy HTML

Hi, TwinkieB.

If this link is to the same Andrew Vidler then he's just as dangerous now as he was when in the CAI. Why? Mr Vidler clearly still believes and promotes the heretical false gospel common to all the Revivalist sects (see Galatians 1:8 and 9). 

Having reviewed his stated positions on a range of issues, and the Scripture passages he quotes to support them, it's clear to me Mr Vidler is not a reliable expositor of God's Word. In point-of-fact, I don't think he's moved very far from standard Revivalism. This, unsurprisingly, is all-to-common an outcome for former Revivalist 'pastors' who go on to establish their own mini-Revivalist sects. They simply know no better ("bad root, bad fruit").



(EDIT): P.S. I find it interesting that in Mr Vidler we have another former CAI chap recommending the ministry of Mr Torben Sondergaard. This should give some cause-for-pause about the value of the latter's teaching ministry, given Mr Sondergaard reinforces many of the principle Pentecostal beliefs shared by those with a CAI background. As but one example, the mistaken position that the so-called 'full-gospel' involves a personal 'Pentecostal experience' a la speaking in 'tongues'. To the contrary, the 'full-gospel' is the good news that Jesus Christ came in the flesh; that he was crucified and died to provide atonement for us with God; that he was resurrected on the third day; that he ascended to the Father, and that he will return to earth again. Anything else is a false gospel (per Galatians 1:8 and 9).
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Re:2013 - there is hope.... even for you Andrew

Date Posted:09/01/2016 2:08 PMCopy HTML

 Thanks  Didaktikon 

thanks for the link / information....  somewhat Ironic is the link on 'abusive churches'

- for  each of  the points  Andrew identifies  he has practiced himself   (with zeal).... interesting he doesn't mentionthe name of the abusive church (CAI). his statement the church 'became abusive' is an untruth ... in hind sight it was from it's inception very  cult-ish. It's  step forward but a weak acknowledgement...  if he was genuinely contrite .... I would  expect a far more  honest 'repentence' about his involvement  as  one of the big 'bosses' at CAI.   The  dilution of CAI-doctrine is somewhat disappointing - i.e.  may be he needs more  time to accept more completely the errors of  CAI ...  may be it's too much of a paradigm-shift. ?

Hmm...   did he seek  professional  conselling when  he left ?  

Flatearth -- I went through of phase of  real hatred for  Andrew, there were occasions  he took me  apart and broke me.  I  was never was in the upper-echelons of the cult, but  some of the senior  officers  experienced much deeper wrath and rebuke (psychological and financial) by Andrew .... may be you were on of these poor souls ! .... it was  quite horrific how officers and trainees were treated !   Hope you've been able to reclaim your life.  take care.  

In the past, If  I had had the misfortune to meet him again  there were certainly I felt I'd like to  break a few bones  in his body.  I  don't  'hate' him  anymore - hate is such a  draining and destructive  emotion.  I feel  sorry for him now -  once his  children  learn he was such a bastard in the past...   

Andrew -  if you do  read this page,  take care of yourself.  I appreciate it may take time to re-adjust, you have a lot to consider. Wish you well. As  above I think you've still someway to go but  well done so far, per the standards you personally  expected from us,  your  'repentance'  is somewhat  disappointing.  

End-of-Term report:   .... could do better

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Re:2013 - there is hope.... even for you Andrew

Date Posted:28/01/2016 6:55 PMCopy HTML

Andrew wrote an extremely lengthy letter when he left which he graciously allowed to be forwarded to other ex-members who were interested. I may still have it if you're interested Anon One.

However, I have to agree with you. His repentance was disappointing. All the suffering and abuse he inflicted on others was passed off with a "I truly believed I was doing God's work" or something like that. Hopefully it was because he had just got out and hadn't yet come to terms with what a truly evil fucker he was. And hopefully he has also changed. Who knows. Someone here seems to think he is "helping" people. Maybe that someone is Andres himself...

I understand that we all acted cruelly towards one another in CAI, but some were worse than others. And plenty still didn't get out even when the writing on the wall was so plain to see that a blind man could have read it. Those who have left in recent years such as Andrew and Drew have a lot of explaining to do, whether they like it or not. Jesus' blood isn't just going to wash over them and make it all go away. They were responsible for supporting a cruel and unjust system and destroying the lives of many. Any decent person would try and make amends, however difficult and time-consuming that might be. 
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Re:2013 - there is hope.... even for you Andrew

Date Posted:17/03/2016 2:33 AMCopy HTML

 Hi Ian/Didaktikon,

Thanks for your comments.Yes, that is the correct link, and yes, I also think that Andrew has still too much "assembly teaching" in him. However, he is out of the sect, which is at least a first step. He may need a long time before that theology comes out of him. As far as I understand, he seems to have been quite lonely in his journey out and seems not to have "re-set" his mindset deep enough. He may need help, time and a will to re-set his mind and start reading the Word - and not the least the New Testament - afresh, with a more netural and open mind.

I am moving in the direction away from Torben's "theology" as well. I like him being out on the streets and being active though.


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